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Kundali Bhagya 27 February 2021 Written Update: Preeta try to catches pruthvi when he is in sherlyn room

Kundali Bhagya 27 February 2021 Written Update begins with Preeta think herself no one informed about pruthvi and i don’t know what pruthvi done to this family. Also, preeta thinks karan said lie to me, If pruthvi married kruthika something happens in this house. Other end sherlyn hits pruthvi, Pruthvi said to her i love you so much please trust me. Sherlyn crying, Pruthvi said once again you love me i know that’s why you couldn’t do yet when iam entered this house along with kruthika after the marriage.

Then pruthvi said i will do all these things because of you and asking to her what is our main mission i.e we both support each other and become a millionaire. Then sherlyn holds pruthvi shirt and said to him i will kill you and why you married kruthika. Other end preeta comes to kruthika room and hugs her. Then kruthika asking to preeta please forgive me what happens today and i will believe you because every time you think about me. Also kruthika said to preeta pruthvi is good guy.

Also kruthika asking to preeta please said to srishti do not broken our relationship with pruthvi. Because pruthvi love me so much because when karan other family members try to scolds him she don’t say anything to us. After that at sherlyn room pruthvi close the windows and said to her no one know about us, Sherlyn said to pruthvi becasue you love me, try to married preeta and finally married kruthika. Other end preeta, kruthika come to downstairs and girish about pruthvi.

Then kruthika said to preeta i think pruthvi speaking with his mom, Pruthvi said to Sherlyn i love you so much that’s why i couldn’t do anything to you and also asking to sherlyn please listen my words my marriage happen with kruthika but i didn’t touche her because i love you. Other end preeta still searching for pruthvi, asking to security did you seen pruthvi. Then security said no other end kruthika gets phone call from her friend. Later preeta think herself may be pruthvi in sherlyn room.

Then preeta went to sherlyn room and recognized pruthvi voice. After that preeta phone to kruthika and asking to her please come to sherlyn room. Once kruthika comes to sherlyn room preeta knock the door, sherlyn open the door. At that time pruthvi hides himself under the bed. Kruthika check the room and said to preeta no one in this room. Then kruthika decided to phone to pruthvi. At that time pruthvi think if phone is ringing both kritika, preeta catche me.

Then sherlyn recognized pruthvi phone and kick the phone. After that krithika, preeta leave the room. Then pruthvi said thanks to sherlyn and phone to krithika and said to her i will check business papers that’s why i couldn’t lift the phone. At room karan packs his kit at that time he recognized shoulder pain and shouts preeta. Mahira asking to karan what happen, Karan said just shoulder pain, asking to her call to preeta. But mahira once went outside call preeta and said to karan preeta couldn’t liste my voice.

Then karan asking to mahira please given pain balm. Other end prithvi follows preeta, krithika and think himself finally saved today. After that preeta, krithika come to krithika room and krithika went to wash room prithvi comes to the room. Then preeta said to him i know you in the sherlyn room. Prithvi smiles and said to preeta i will come here for you. Later preeta leave the room once she leave the room prithvi said to krithika i will try to marry preeta but karan given poison to me and he married preeta.

Other end preeta went to her room and seen mahira and asking to her mahira just leave the room. Karan said to preeta i feel shoulder pain, mahira given pain balm. Then mahira says sorry to karan and leave the room. After that karan said to preeta she don’t do a mistake she just given pain balm. Later karina think herself my daughter love akshay so much but because of preeta kritka marriage don’t happen with akshay. At home srishti think herself and said to janki about prithvi.

Then sarala asking to srishti what you are speaking. Srishti said to sarala i will speaking about pruthvi. At that time sarala said every time preeta faces problems because of pruthvi, Now this time pruthvi married krithika and enter luthra home to create a problems. At that janki gets phone call from preeta, asking to janki please given phone to srishti. Janki given phone to srishti and asking to her don’t say to mom about pruthvi but sarala said to preeta i know pruthvi at luthra home.

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