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Kundali Bhagya 26 January 2021 Written Update: Preeta plan to know akshay truth

Kundali Bhagya 26 January 2021 Written Update For today premier episode. Preeta said to karan i can’t said lie to you and karan angry on preeta. When karan, preeta speaking together mahira hide herself and listen what karan, preeta speaking. After that karan said to preeta once lose trust never regain the trust. To know today premier episode story follow zeal study web portal.

Karina asking to preeta let’s say sorry to akshay, Preeta says no because i will seen him with my eyes. Akshay asking to karina ok aunty let’s leave her, asking to preeta trust me and said to your sister don’t dream about me. Sameer gets angry, Sherlyn smiles and akshay mom said to her son please forgive preeta mistakes because she is like my daughter. Daadi said to preeta because of you luthra family proud falldown, Kritika asking to preeta please forget everything. Kritika says i belive you but i love akshay.

At that time akshay speaking with kritika we will leave the place. Other end karan said to janki please take care about sarala aunty and kritiki. Srishti says to karan thank you for trusting me. Later karan comes to his home and think what he said to preeta. Later rakhi comes to mahesh room and said to him preeta is correct and i love her, If anything said to us something behind that. Then preeta comes to rakhi when she speaks with mahesh.

Rakhi said to preeta when karina try to scolds you i can’t behind you and sarala. Preeta said to rakhi i can’t feel what karina said to me. Today premier episode story updates soon.

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