Kundali Bhagya 26 August 2020 Written Update Zee5 Serial for Episode 756

Kundali Bhagya 26 August 2020 Written Update Hindi Serial Episode 756 Spoiler/ Preview begins with Mahira asking to her mom when marriage happen with karan and preeta why don’t you seen the face of preeta and why can’t recognized me it’s not me and it’s preeta. Mahira mother ramona said to his daughter when marriage process begins i will try to seen the your face and asking to remove the veil but sherlyn says don’t remove it and she stops me when iam trying. Complete written update of upcoming episode updated soon follow zealstudy.in for upcoming story. Also, subscribe for zee5 for premium Episodes.

Kundali Bhagya 26 August 2020 Written Update

In previous episode mahira try to commit suicide but sherlyn stops her. After that mahira ask to luthra family if not preeta went outside from the house i will commit suicide. Later kareena and dadi, ramona asking to preeta leave the house. But preeta said if rakhi aunty said i will leave the house and ask her opinion. Karan mother rakhi says you can’t stay here you lose believe please leave the house. Kareena holds preeta hands drags her outside.

Later Rishab asking to her mother why you asking to leave preeta from this house. What happen in next episode follow this page.

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Kumkum Bhagya 26 August 2020 Ka Episode Written Updates

Episode begins with preeta come out side and started crying. At the same time srishti also come and hold the preeta hands says sorry because of me it could be happen to you. After that mahira asking to her mother you can’t recognized preeta when her sitting along with karan while performing the marriage rituals. While asking these questions mahira ramona says i will try to open your veil two to three times but your close friend sherlyn stopping me and said this is old type of tradition don’t remove the veil.

Later mahira says why did you do this and said to her mother sherlyn said to preeta is leagal wife of karan and went upstairs. Ramona asking to sherlyn please stops to mahira.

After that rakhi went to pooja mandir asks apology the lord ganesh. Then rakshi explains everything to god and ask lord ganesh to stand with preeta and help to her and at the same time sherlyn went to her room.

Other end prithvi phone to sherlyn say sorry to her and asking about karan preeta marriage. Sherlyn explains the complete incident. Later prithvi asking to sherlyn i will call you after 2 minutes, cut the call and broken his phone, started crying to seen the preeta photo and ready to meet preeta mother