Kundali Bhagya 25 August 2020 Written Update Full Episode Spoiler: Kareena Rude Behavior With Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 25 August 2020 Written Update Hindi Full Episode Zee5 Spoiler begins with Mahira came from kitchen along with petrol can to kill her self. Then luthra family members karan, rishab and his mother rakhi along with other persons preeta, srishti, sameer, kareena and mahira mother who stand at mandap shocked what mahira trying to do with herself

Later kareena seen whole incident holds the preeta hands & drags her from the house. When kareena drags preeta from mandap to outside of the house Srishti is crying, Dadi holds sameer hands and both sherlyn, Mahira mother holds srishti two hands to don’t runaway from them.

Kundali Bhagya 25 August 2020 Written Update 

When kareena holds preeta hand, try to drag preeta karan seen what kareena did, Preeta starts crying. To know what mahira did with petrol can, why kareena drags preeta from mandap and why dadi holds sameer hand & why sherlyn and mahira mother holds srishti hands and Also, why srishti is crying follow zealstudy.in, check complete written update.

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In the previous episode karan and sherlyn, kareena, dadi and mahira mother hated preeta. Then preeta went to mahesh luthra room, asking him to stand by her side to identify the truth and mahira try to kill preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 25 August 2020 Full Episode

When preeta speaks with mahesh kareena came to his room asking to preeta how dare you came to my brother room, Sherlyn stops the mahira when she commits suicide, Says please stop the nonce just listen what iam saying. Mahira stops what she trying to do. Then sherlyn says to mahira please go downstairs, says to luthra family if preeta not went outside i killed my self.

Kareena brings preeta to downstairs, Mahira also came to downstairs says what sherly said to her. Then srishti says she is doing nataka, later mahira realized and says to sherlyn i can’t go downstairs with this petrol can. After that dadi fall down, kareena bring preeta to down stairs. Then preeta call to dadi, Dadi says don’t call me like that and stay away from me.

Later mahira mather smells kerosene and asking to other persons who stand at mandap. Sherlyn says mahira try to commit suicide with the kerosene. Mahira mother after listening what sherlyn says ask to preeta leave the house. Then preeta says you daughter still live and both sherlyn and mahira said lie.

Kareena says to preeta please leave the house, Then preeta asking to rakhi please says your self if iam stay here or leave from here but dadi says she can’t says anything. Later rakshi says to preeta please leave the house.

After that kareena holds the preeta hands drag her outside the home. When kareena drags preeta srishti went outside, hold the preeta hands and started crying and karan leaves the mandap. Other end rishab asking to his mother what she said to preeta. Rakshi says i can’t believe her that’s why i will asking her leave the house.