Kundali Bhagya 24 October 2020 Written Update: Rakhi Questioned Karina

Kundali Bhagya 24 October 2020 Written Update Hindi for Episode 809 provided here. Kundali Bhagya Episode Promo for upcoming episode finally out. In this promo rakhi questioned mahesh sister karina. Rakhi asking to do you wish both karan and preeta not be couple. After that rakhi says already preeta becomes karan wife.

Sherlyn, Rishab, Preeta, Karan listen what rakhi says. Later mahira crying, Preeta says i will wait for 7 births to marry karan but you don’t separate me with karan, So you remembered my words after that promo ends. To know full episode story follow zeal study web portal.

In previous episode rakhi searching for mahira, Rishab asking to her mom what happen. Then all the family members gathered. Once family members grouped rakhi informed to ramona and her daughter now preeta married karan so she is my daughter-in-law and she becomes karan wife. Later rakhi asking to ramona and his daughter leave the house. At that sherlyn defended ramona, mahira. Then rakhi angry on sherlyn, says your a member of luthra family but supports mahira. After that sherlyn becomes silent.

Full Story of 24 Oct 2020

Rakhi strongly says to ramona preeta is the member of luthra family so you must control your daughter because she madly behaves & your daughter every minute surrounded by karan so you must return to your home and say to her how life is and how to won life.

Mahira says iam mad because you says if iam love karan. Preeta says to mahira control your self, Mahira says don’t say anythig to me because iam speaks with my aunt. Then preeta said she is your aunty but she is my mother now and it’s my house.

Rakhi says preeta said is exactly correct and she is karan wife. Mahira crying rakhi says please control yourself. After that rakhi remembered once again what mahira did at reception and asking to her return to your home and asking to mahira please forgive me.

Then karina says preeta leaves the house. Rakhi says she is my daughter-in-law, Karina asking to rakhi how you change your mind.

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