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Kundali Bhagya 24 August 2020 Written Update Zee5 Tv Serial Promo Spoiler

Kundali Bhagya 24 August 2020 Written Update Full Episode Episode 754 Telly Updates, Zee5 and Zee TV Hindi Serial Promo begins with Dadi asking to poojari iska hath pakad ultay pireyliya shadi katham khar lay pakad iska hath. Then preeta says no don’t do what dadi said i will stay here. Karan said to preeta mai be ye chahata, tum is ghar may raho. Mahira, kareena sherlyn gets shocked and they don’t understand why karan accepted to stay preeta in the luthra house.

To know complete Kundali Bhagya 24 August 2020 Ka Written Update and Also, latest hindi serials promo, preview follow

Kundali Bhagya 24 August 2020 Written Update

In previews episode 754 Karan puts sindhoor on preeta head, mahira appeared the marriage hall and finally luthra family memebrs, mahira family members know preeta’s married karan once again. In today’s episode may be reveled why karan accepted to stay preeta at luthra’s house. Why dadi said iska hath pakad ultay pireyliya shadi katham khar lay pakad iska hath, What is sherlyn & mahira plans.

Also, prithvi call to the sherlyn or not. If any miss yesterday Kundali Bhagya Episode 753 check written update. Complete written update of 24 August 2020 Ka Full Update provided soon. To know the complete story follow this page

Kundali Bhagya 24 August 2020 Ka Episode

Mahira asking to poojari cancel the marriage if any mantra is their please do as per that. But poojari says there is a no procedure to cancel the marriage and marriage is complete from today onwords preeta is karan wife & went from marriage hall.

Mahira asking to rishab how this marriage happen, rishab said marriage is over infront of mine and out family members, Mahira running away from mandap, Mahira mother says it’s not marriage it’s a trash & asking to sameer bring back his dad to room. When sameer holds the wheel chair return to the room mahesh hands moved slightly and preeta recognized it.

Then preeta try to stops the sameer but kareena holds preeta hands asking to her you can’t go inside the home, Mahira went to kitchen pick the knife, sherlyn try to stops mahira but she can’t listen sherlyn what said.

Kareena asking preeta why you stand here, I can’t seen this type besharam women in my life, Mahira mother asking to karan please marry my daughter, Preeta went to mahesh room when mona crying in front of karan. Then mahira seen the preeta, try to kill her but sherlyn stops mahira.

After that preeta reaches the mahesh uncle room asking to come out side, asking him you can listen everything & asking him please stand with, come with me everyone here & you know kitna bad women. Then after mahesh slightly moves his hand

Kareena asking to karan and rishab where are you going, I said to you you can’t invite her this marriage but you can’t listen my voice. Then karan said because of mera igo satisfy karne kay liya mei preeta ko invite kiya. Other end sherlyn spread the petrol on mahira body