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Kundali Bhagya 23 November 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn, Mahira creats new drama


Kundali Bhagya 23 November 2020 Written Update begins with mahira brings food for preeta. Karan asking to preeta must eat food but preeta says don’t force me i can’t eat now. Karan leaves the room, mahira says if you can’t eat i will force it. Then preeta thrown plate, broken the plate. Karan think himself who finds karva chauth & for me preeta is good so must be think good about preeta. Other end girish crying and said to his mom went to temple and performing pooja on preeta.

Karan asking to girish who’s speak with you. Girish said i will informed to my mom about preeta and asking to mom performing pooja. After that preeta said mahira you try to destroy my vrat. Mahira says you think correctly. Preeta asking to mahira let’s leave my room. Mahira leaves the room and met sherlyn at her room. Sherlyn asking to mahira did your destroy preeta vrat. Mahira says no at that time ramona phone to mahira, mahira says what you informed to me i will apply the same. After that ramona says just slice change in the plan.


Sherlyn asking to ramona what iam do. Ramona explain the plan, Sherlyn said i am ready to do. Sameer asking to rishab what happen to preeta. Rishab informed to sameer doctor says it’s food poison. At that time doctor comes to rishab and informed to him some one mix poison into the food. karan and other family members shocked. After that doctor said i will given anti-poison injection. At that time sherlyn, mahira comes to hall and sherlyn gets unconscious, rishab holds sherlyn. After that sameer phone to srishti about preeta situation and asking to srishti don’t said to sarala aunty.

After that doctor checks sherlyn and informed to karan she also suffer with poison. Later mahira informed to karan about neighbor cat died at kitchen. Srishti comes outside, Sarala phone to srishti asking to her where are you going. Srishti said i am went to club house. After that karina says i think poison mix on sweets which is brings by sarala. Rishab says it can’t happen.


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