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Kundali Bhagya 22 January 2021 Written Update: Kritika asking to preeta forget the matter

Kundali Bhagya 22 January 2021 Written Update for Episode 877. Kritika comes to preeta and asking to her what happen here in this function must forget it and all the family members excuses you what you done here. At that time preeta stands silently again kritika asking to preeta please forget it to seen me and for me. When kritika asking to preeta akshay smiles and preeta seen him. After that preeta went to her room, karan comes to their room and preeta asking to him where are you going, getting late. Also, preeta asking to karan you angry on me. Then karan asking to his wife please tell me anything if you are in my place you angry or not. Also karan says iam not angry on you but iam disappointed.

In previous episode akshay mom asking to sarala i.e your daughters created my son as a character less. Then sarala said to akshay mom you son try to blame my daughters thats why iam angry on him. After that akshay mom asking to karina my son marriage happens with your daughter so i will come here, Sarala said your son don’t know how to behave with women and he his shameless. At that time akshay says your daughters try to blame me. Also akshay said to all the family members what happen at shopping mall with ruchika and akshay said to relatives srishti taken my mail and send to me hi but i can’t replay her. After that karina says about preeta marriage with karan. Preeta said to karina akshay is not good boy for my sister and your daughter. Rakhi said to karina karan, preeta speaking about ruchika but you are all divert the matter. Karina asking to rakhi don’t say anything to me if anything says please informed to your daughter-in-law preeta.

Then daadi said to rakhi what karina says is right because preeta try to stop the marriage because of srishti. Then karan angry on daadi, Preeta crying and Sherlyn smiles and sameer said to srishti i know you don’t do like this and i believe you. To know today Kundali Bhagya 22 January 2021 Written Episode follow zeal study web portal

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