Kundali Bhagya 21 October 2020 Written Update Promo, Spoiler, Episode Twist

Kundali Bhagya 21 October 2020 Written Update provided here. Kundali Bhagya upcoming episode promo released. Here it is the story of promo karan, preeta both are performing dance together karan says i don’t like you preeta. Preeta says ok good. After that preeta says i know this matter initially.

Also preeta said to karan i know when iam not here you think where is preeta, who with you. Karan think himself, promo ends. Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Episode released today afternoon on Zee5 app. Who had premium account let’s check 24 hours before television.

In previous episode mahira says preeta blame me. But preeta asking to some one check how much she drink. Ranu checks and tells luthra family members about mahira condition. Ramona, Sanjana taken mahira to guest room and asking her change the dress.

After that preeta, karan done dance in front of luthra family members & later sameer, srishti join with them. At that time sanjana said to her daughter Sherlyn please close relationship with mahira. Ramona listen sanjana words. For latest episode story follow zeal study

Upcoming Episode Story

Sanjana says to her daughter don’t stay with mahira. Ramona listen what sanjana says. After that ramona said to sanjana i am can’t expected this but finally i know one thing who is mine who is not. Sherlyn asking to her mom please stop.

Mahira informed to sanjana just listen what your daughter says. Sanjana telling to her daughter about mahira i.e no one at luthra family not liking her. Mahira come out from wash room and listen what sanjana says and leaves the room

After that police inspector asking to preeta what happen to your forhead. Preeta says it’s small injury. At that time karan asking to preeta where you went during the reception. Preeta asking to him do you miss me. Karan says yes iam missing you in front of mahira. Later karan asking to preeta where are you going when during the ritual. Preeta divert karan mind. Karan holds preeta hands. Preeta asking to leave my hands.

Karan says your my wife. After that karan informed to preeta mahira says you went with prithvi. Karina, rakshi listen what karan says. Then rakhi intimated to all the family members muh dikhai ritual once again tomorrow. Ranu wish all the best to rakhi.

Mahira says to karan you hurt my heart. Karan says i will respect our friendship but come in between me and preeta. Other end preeta said to sameer don’t say anything to our family members what happen today for me. Karan comes to sameer room to know what happen to preeta and asking to sameer where preeta went during the ritual. Sameer says i don’t know.

Other end sherlyn speaks with herself about mahira did for preeta. At that preeta known both mahira, sherlyn try to troubles me, Preeta warns sherlyn don’t do like this again

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