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Kundali Bhagya 21 November 2020 Written Update: Preeta eats poison food


Kundali Bhagya 21 November 2020 Written Update for Episode 831. Today’s promo preeta comes to downstairs to performing karva chauth. But once preeta come down she suddenly fallen on the floor. Karan, Daadi and karina comes to preeta but and asking to her what happen. At that time karan shocked and think about preeta.

After that sherlyn and mahira went to upstairs. Sherlyn asking to mahira about ramona i.e your mom if went to any where she kills other persons with in 2 seconds. Then mahira said every time i am died preeta hands but now preeta’s turn. Once listen mahira words sherlyn smiles. After that rishab asking to doctor what happen preeta.

Then doctor informed to she eats poison food. Both karan and preeta shocked, Promo ends. For complete Kundali Bhagya 21 Nov 2020 Full Episode follow Today afternoon 12.00 PM respective episode available on Zee5 App.

Episode Full Story


Daadi said to karina i am went to upstairs to informed about rakhi regarding karva maa story. At that time preeta comes to downstairs but she suddenly fallen on the floor, daadi other family members shocked, karan taken preeta to her room & daadi informed to rishab call to doctor. After that mahira asking to sherlyn what happen next.

Doctor comes to luthra house and asking to her what are you eating today. Preeta says i don’t eat today because i will want to do karva chauth. After that doctor said to luthra family members what she eat yesterdays mixed with poison. Also, doctor informed to preeta you must eat now other you feel un healthy. Preeta says no.

Karan angry on preeta and informed to her must eat now. But preeta says no, Karan leaves the room. Daadi says don’t say anything to preeta. Preeta said to doctor iam not complete karva chauth, please do treatment here. Karina said to preeta you must listen what doctor says. After that doctor given injection, karina comes to sherlyn room said every time something happens in this house and informed about poison. After that sherlyn said to karina you must asking to preeta to eat because if anything happen her sarala ji file case on us.


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