Kundali Bhagya 21 July 2020 Written Update: Police Comes to hotel

Kundali Bhagya 21 July 2020 Written Update. Karan said to preeta behind of the mask stood by Prithvi. But preeta said to why karan every time you blame prithvi just listen i will found out rishabh along with mask man. At the same time karan says to preeta we find rishabh before you. Then karan, sameer went to search for rishabh and preethi, srishti going together to find rishabh. But Karan mother came to hotel to find him at that time Prithvi sit on a chair, cover his face with news paper. Karan Mother look at prithvi and ask him did you see karan but he say i dont know. After that preeta said to srishti iam already informed to police regarding this incident, srishti surprised.

Then after prithvi get call from his friend. He his informed to prithvi boss may i park the car at exit point you can come their. later mahira meets karan mother, said we found karan, but now we are searching for Rishabh. At the same time preeta also meet karan’s mother then rakhi asks to preeta now you found kidnapper or not. Then she said to rakhi till we cant get kidnappers but they are in this hotel, Iam already informed to the police, Police can cover this hotel all sides.

Kundali Bhagya 21 July 2020 Written Update

Then Prithvi comes along with wheel chair to the exit point. But he can see police at exit point, then pull back wheel chair, went to the back, Listen what police said to constables. Then he think my room safer then other room, went to his room close room doors. Then he think because of preeta i will stuck here. Then prithvi think wear the mask, escape from here but he can’t do.

After that karan meets his mother. Also he his said to police to find kidnappers is very important. Then inspector said to karan you are all search for kidnappers in this hotel, our team search for outside. After that preeta said to karan, srishti, sammer we now went to previously where rishabh found but karan said to ask preeta last time where did you seen kidnappers. Then sherlyn call to prithvi, said both preeta and srishti came to your room let’s go from now. Then he decided to wear ask and try to escape from their. After that he went out side along with wheel chair but suddenly preeta, srishti found him.