Kundali Bhagya 19 October 2020 Written Update: Preeta Arora Secret plan works

Kundali Bhagya 19 October 2020 Written Update Promo released. In this promo Mahira follows Srishti and Sameer. According to preeta plan Srishti, Sameer hide themselves at room. Mahira gets angry on them, searching for srishti and went to the room. Then Srishti, Sameer shuts the doors.

In previous episode sarala, sameer waiting for srishti, preeta, janki. Once they reached the home preeta said to her sister and sameer what to do inside the luthra house. Initially sarala ji, janki went inside the luthra house. later sameer, srishti appeared inside the house when karan, mahira did dance.

Once went inside the room sameer apply the preeta plan. Mahira fallen the floor. Sherlyn phone to prithvi. Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Episode released today on Zee5 Premium App. Premium subscription holders eligible to know story before serial aired in television. Check Zee5 Subscription plans yearly/ monthly buy premium account. Follow zealstudy.in for Kundali Bhagya 19 Oct 2020 Written Episode. After 12.00 PM today episode released.

Kundali Bhagya 19 Oct 2020

Prithvi speaks about preeta when sherlyn phone to him. Then sherlyn cut the phone call, Prithvi again phone to sherlyn but she can’t lift the phone call. Prithvi think himself preeta looking good but she married karan. Mahira follows srishti, sammer. Then sameer, srishti went inside the guest room. Mahira aslo inside the room.

Preeta thrown water on mahira, Sherlyn stands outside think herself about prithvi. Then preeta asking to mahira how you feel now to seen me here. Mahira asking to her how dare you to speak with me. Preeta angry on her. Mahira said to preeta i will informed to luthra family members you will escape with prithvi that’s why i will wear your dress and acts like you.

Then sameers says i will listen your conversion mahira. Mahira shocked, Preeta asking to mahira do you surve drinks to luthra family members this is the culture of lutra family members. After that preeta leaves the room. Mahira follows preeta but suddenly mahira fallen on the floor. Both srishti, sameer smiles.

Later preeta comes to party area, hits karan. Then karan seen preeta and remembered past. After that karan asking to preeta where you going, what happen to you. Preeta smiles. Mahira seen karan and think herself preeta meets karan or not.

Preeta holds mic. After that police inspector seen preeta she is karan wife, Ranu says not mahira is karan wife. Then preeta decided to informe about her self infornt of press. Finally preeta announced iam preeta karan luthra. Karina, sherlyn, mahira shocked. Then preeta says mahira said she is karan wife.

Other end prithvi, pawan return to home. Prithvi mother asking to him where my daughter in law. Prithvi angry on his mom. Sherlyn think herself in front of inspector pooja preeta fails my plan. After that preeta excuses what mahira did in this party.

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