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Kundali Bhagya 18 January 2021 Written Update: Preeta finally gets akshay photos

Kundali Bhagya 18 January 2021 Written Update begins with mahira asking to sherlyn what’s preeta gets if creates problems to akshay. Sherlyn said she can’t anything get, Mahira says i think akshay is too smart. Other end preeta, srishti finally entered the akshay bedroom and searching for mobile phone. When searching for mobile srishti open the cuboard, file fallen on the floor. Akshay inside the wash room and listen the sound. Once listen the sound akshay shouts mom and preeta, srishti shocked. Later preeta sounds like akshay mom. Akshay asking to mom if you want anything but they maintain silent. At finally preeta gets akshy phone and srishti asking to preeta let’s forward all these photos into your mobile phone. When they move photos akshay comeout side from the wash room and seen them.

Akshay asking to srishti. preeta what are you doing here. Preeta said to him i will come here to bring shagoon. Later akshay said to preeta i know my mobile with you so please given to my phone. Sameer try to went where preeta, srishti is but suddenly akshay mom please wait few mintutes. Later sameer comes to kitchen and spell jokes on kritika. After that akshay says just joking why you feel tension and also asking to preeta let’s given your mobile. But they said we don’t have phone and srishti says my phone is dead. After that akshay hold is land line and dail for his phone. Later akshay asking to them what are you doing here. Preeta says i wil come here to seen your room.

Later both srishti, preeta come outside the room, akshay feel himself i think they comes to my home to find something. After that akshay recognized sameer don’t want juice and they send my dad to outside and kritika and my mom inside the kitchen and both srishti, preeta inside the my roon and what they do.  After that kritika said to akshay today with your mom i will make breakfast and akshay asking to sameer let’s sip the juice. Then preeta asking to srishti, sameer, kritika let’s move the home. Once they leave akshay went to his room and check what preeta done. At home karina call to relations and informed to them about cocktail party.

Once kritika, sameer, srishti, preeta outisde the home akshay seen his phone and recognized preeta forward all photos to her phone. To know upcoming episode story follow zeal study portal

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