Kundali Bhagya 16 October 2020 Written Update: Prithvi catches preeta, srishti

Kundali Bhagya 16 October 2020 Written Update for full episode explained here. Just upcoming episode promo released. In this promo pawan and his gang along with prithvi seen preeta, janki, srishti escaping from house. After that pawan shown a gun to preeta and said to her don’t runaway from us.

Also, pawan asking to preeta do your married my brother prithvi or died. Preeta shocked for what pawan did, Prithvi appreciating his brother. Also, prithvi said to his brother if don’t get love you must killed the love. Then preeta says i will die my self but i don’t marry you.

Later prithvi says i don’t kill you preeta ji, Pawan fires. Both srishti, prithvi, janki all are shocked and promo ends. For complete written update follow zeal study portal. In recent episode preeta along with srishti, janki try to escaping from house. Gabbar open the doors when preeta locked the room doors of prithvi, pawan. Once come outside janki sit in the car at driver seat. Srishti asking janki let’s drive but janki says i don’t know how to drive.

Kundali Bhagya 16 Oct 2020

Srishti try to drive the car but car not started because doesn’t have petrol. Other side sanjana try to convince karina to do marriage with karan but she does not accepted. Karina says mahira behave to much infront of our relations like she done dance with our relations.

Ramona asking to sanjana what happen now you said karina is my friend. Sanjana says she can not accepted my words. Preeta and Janki thrown stones on pawan and his gangs, Srishti went to search for car. Later prithvi come closer to preeta. Preeta thrown stones on prithvi.

Pawan point gun on preeta. preeta says i will died but can not marry you. Srishti brings the car, asking to janki preeta sit  on the car. Pawan use his gun, bullet hits on janki hands. Preeta, srishti escaped from the pawan house. Srishti and preeta taken janki to hospital, done first aid for her. Then preeta, srishti think herself went to police station registered compaint on pawan, prithvi. But janki says to preeta no need to went police station must went to luthra house. Later srishti message to sameer we are at main gate.

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