Kundali Bhagya 16 May 2022 Written Update: Police brings karan, natasha to station

Kundali Bhagya 16 May 2022 Written Update is Pruthvi remove the package cover and peruuses the letter. He gives the CD to sherlyn and requests that she play it. In the mean time preeta goes to sherlyn’s room and recognizes the messed up window. She affirms that sherlyn took the bundle and passes on the space to track down sherlyn. Then again natasha advises karan that he converse with preeta about the things which influence him. She says that he neglected to drink after preeta’s appearance yet he began drinking once more.

She requests that he stop the vehicle. He tells her that he adores Preeta the most however Preeta just damages him the most as well. She requests that he drive cautiously. He is going to meet with a mishap however stops the vehicle. Beat driver likewise stops his rhythm and admonishes Karan. He sees that Karan is tipsy and calls police to objection about Karan. Public recognizes Karan. Police comes there and capture Karan and Natasha.

Prithvi and Sherlyn watches the video and sees that Rishabh is in prison. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Luthras have not disregarded Rishabh yet and imagine a scenario in which they get to be familiar with Rishabh. Preeta ponders that why that more odd toss the bundle in Sherlyn’s room. She imagines that it can’t be a happenstance on the grounds that Sherlyn didn’t illuminate anybody that somebody toss bundle in her room. She says that Sherlyn should be in Prithvi’s room just and moves towards his room.

Prithvi requests that Sherlyn not talk adversely. She lets him know that she is talking essentially. In the video, one detainee attempts to converse with Rishabh yet the last option stays quiet. He gets some information about Rishabh’s wrongdoing. Corrections officer lets him know that Rishabh is hanging around for selling drugs. He adds that Rishabh will be hanged following seven days. Prithvi and Sherlyn gets stunned seeing the video.

Police carries Karan and Natasha to the police headquarters. Constable tells Police overseer that Karan is plastered. Natasha says that drinking isn’t wrongdoing. Police investigator tells her that drive under the influence is wrongdoing. Natasha says that she was driving and she isn’t intoxicated. Karan asks her that what is she talking about. She requests that he remain quiet. She is sorry to beat driver. Media columnists records everything.