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Kundali Bhagya 16 January 2021 Written Update: Akshay recognized his phone with preeta

Kundali Bhagya 16 January 2021 Written Update Srishti, Preeta finally verify the akshay smart phone and they recognized the photos of akshay and ruchika. Then srishti gets a idea and said to preeta let’s forword all these photos into your smartphone. Then preeta check the surroundings and forword all the photos into her phone. When she move the photos suddenly akshay open the door and comes to where preeta and srishti is their. Once listen door sound preeta hide the phone, Akshay seen them and both srishti and preeta shocked. After that akshay asking to them i know why you come to my room and i know my phone with you, Promo ends.

Recap of Previous Episode that is karina said to preeta your mother comes to this party and created a drama likes you. Also karina asking to preeta please stay away from kritika life. At that time rakhi crying, daadi feels sad and mahira smiles. Karan asking to karina please stop and also asking to her if preeta try to blame akshay what she gets. karina says i don’t know and preeta crying. Rakhi asking karina because of akshay why you remembered past incidents. Also karina said to preeta if to do anything in this marriage you can seen my bad face. Later karan leaves hall, preeta crying and karina asking to preeta why you stay here, please leave in front me. Preeta running upstairs, Karina said to family members if any one try to creates in this marriage i will seen their end.

Mahira comes to sherlyn and said to her karina angry on preeta. Sherlyn smiles, Mahira informed to sherlyn what karina said to preeta. Sherlyn asking to mahira if karina aunty angry on preeta anybody stops karina. Mahira smiles and says no one stops her. Karan seen sky and preeta comes to her room, Karan asking to preeta what is your problem. Preeta says i will think about kritika and asking to karan please listen my words. Karan says preeta i know you love kritika but if akshay try to cheat kritika i will with kritika so please stop this.

After that sherlyn recognized preeta appearance and speaks with mahira about akshay i.e akshay is not good guy because i will seen him with a lady and he hugs that women. Preeta listen their words. After preeta met srishti and informed to her about akshay. Srishti asking to preeta why you feel so much of stress. Later preeta said to srishti we both went to akshay room and get his phone. Later sameer, srishti, preeta, kritika comes to akshay home. Sameer asking to akshay mom where he his.

Kundali Bhagya Episode 873 released today 12.00 PM on zee5. To know today episode story follow zeal study web portal.

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