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Kundali Bhagya 15 January 2021 Written Update: Karina asks preeta don’t involve in the marriage

Kundali Bhagya 15 January 2021 Written Update for Hindi Serial Zee TV Premier Episode 872. Promo of today premier episode is Karina speaks with preeta regarding kritika. Karina says this time i will speaking with you for my daughter because it’s her marriage and it’s her life. When karina angry on preeta karan listen what karina says. After that karina says i don’t want you involving in this marriage. If you involving this marriage your seen my bad behavior. When karina angry on preeta mahira seen them and smiles. After that preeta went to her room and karan followed her.

After that karan said to preeta i know you think about kritika but if akshy played drama with us and kritika i will seen his end. Later sherlyn comes to mahira and informed to her akshay is not correct for kritika. Mahira asking to sherlyn how you can say like this. Sherlyn finally revels the info that is i will seen akshay with another women. When both sherlyn and mahira speaking together preeta listen their words, Promo ends. To know Kundali Bhagya 15 Jan 2021 Episode 872 Story follow zeal study web portal.

Recap Of Kundali Bhagya Episode 871

Ramona said to karina what preeta says that is preeta said to karan akshay cheats kritika. Then karina says it’s not true because akshay loves kritika very much. Then ramona says i know but preeta says akshay try to cheat kritika. Also, ramona asking to karina at any cost you must stop preeta other wise kritika facing problems in feature. Karina said to ramona no one spoil kritika marriage and said to her self preeta finally shown her real charecter. Other end preeta met karan and informed to him akshay again met ruchika. Karan says how he met, Preeta says when iam went to guest room recognized curtain fallen on the window.

Karan asking to preeta please don’t mind and also karan says akshay is good guy and he his take care about kritika. Later mahira, sherlyn met ramona and asking to her where are you going. Ramona says i will went to fire the light and now you both seen what happen. Other end karina taken gifts to akshay family. Preeta given gifts to all the family members. After that akshay family leave the karan home. Once they leave preeta met her family members and said to them akshay cheat kritika. To know today episode written story follow zeal study portal.

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