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Kundali Bhagya 13 October 2020 Written Update: Prithvi gets conscious

Last updated on 12th October 2020


Kundali Bhagya 13 October 2020 Written Update for Zee TV Hindi serial provided here. Today afternoon Kundali Bhagya Natak 13th October 2020 full episode promo released, full episode available on upcoming Monday after 12.00 PM. So stay tune with Zee5 Premium APP to get new episode alerts.

In latest promo pawan asking to prithvi why you drink so much of alcohol. Prithvi my heart is broker yar. Then pawan i know your heart is broken, that’s why i will bring your heart here. Prithvi can’t understand pawan words. Then pawan said to his brother let’s see both preeta, srishti here.

Once prithvi watching preeta, srishti at pawan room get’ surprised. Other side Mahira, sherlyn speaks about mahesh death. Promo ends. To know full episode story follow In previous episode sarala ji said to rakhi please asking to mahira where is my daughter, what to happen to her and crying. Preeta sister srishti comes to pawan house to save preeta but pawan catch her.

Kundali Bhagya 13 Oct 2020

Rakhi comes to his husband mahesh room & holds his hands starts crying and asking to him when you comes from coma, when you speaks with me. Also, rakhi said to mahesh when luthra family facing problem we both try to solve the issue but iam alone fight with them.


Mahira, Sherlyn comes to mahesh room and asking to rakhi are you alright. Rakhi said yes iam alright. Sherlyn said to rakhi saralji don’t say preeta how to behave family members. Rakhi said to sherlyn please don’t say anything about sarala, I know you and mahira don’t like sarala. Also, rakhi asking to sherlyn, mahira do you know don’t say wrong words elders & rakhi ji try to back sarala ji.

After that rakhi leaves the mahesh room. Preeta, Srishti plan to escape from the pawan house. Then preeta said this marriage can’t happen because prithvi still in unconscious mode. Other end janki searching for where preeta is but suddenly listen gabbar footsteps hide herself.

Sarala speaks with rishab and crying. Rishab asking to sarala ji stop crying. After that sarala asking to rishab where is preeta this is first function after karan, preeta marriage. Rishab said as soon as possible preeta return to home.

Finally prithvi gets conscious and asking to pawan where iam. Then pawan shown preeta to prithvi. Prithvi shocked, asking to pawan why you kidnapped her. Pawan explains everything to prithvi. Prithvi feels happy


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