Kundali Bhagya 1 September 2021 Written Update: A shocker for karan, Luthra family members

Kundali Bhagya 1 September 2021 Written Update, Spoiler, Upcoming Episode Twist/ Story. Karan stay in his room and suddenly listen someone knock the door. Then karan walk forward to open the door and open the door. Once open the door karan shocked because sonakshi stands in front of him, Preeta seen them.

At that time karan asking to sonakshi what are you doing in my home and in front of my room. Other end luthra family members (Rakhi, Mahesh, Karina, Sherlyn) worried because of sonakshi comes to their home. Later sonakshi given answer i.e i will come for my sister preeta for karan question. Preeta surprised to listen sonakhi answer.

To know what happen in next kundali bhagya episode i.e what is preeta reaction when sonakshi informed to karan come for preeta. What action taken luthra family members on sonakshi, preeta follow zeal study online web portal.