Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1687: Aliya says truth to reha about ranbir, prachi

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1687 begins with ranbir proposed to prachi. Prachi smiles for what ranbir did for her. Saritha ji asking to sahana who proposed to you. Sahana says ranbir proposed comes to meet prachi now, He speaks with yesterday i will surprised to prachi. So don’t say anything to her. That’s why i can not intimated you.

Pragya comes to prachi room when ranbir given flower to her daughter. Then ranbir asking to pragya ji how is decoration i will prepared for prachi’s birthday. Pragya says it’s nice. Both sahana, saritha ji happy and pragya says sorry to ranbir because i will come to this wrong time, leaves the room.

Aryan waiting for ranbir’s phone, Aryan phone to ranbir and asking to him do you proposing to prachi or not. Ranbir says yes. Other end aliya listen both aryan & ranbir conversation. Once conversation over aryan seen his mom and says hi but aliya leaves the aryan room and comes to reha room.

After that reha asking to aliya do you come to my room when iam went to washroom. Aliya says yes. Then aliya asking to reha why you plan to kill prachi. Reha says because dads love prachi more then me that’s why i will try to kill. Aliya asking to reha did you informed to ranbir. She says yes.

Later aliya phone to aryan, asking to comes to reha room. Aryan comes to reha room then aliya asking about ranbir, prachi love proposed matter. Aryan explains everything & also aryan says prachi mom know everything about both her daughter and ranbir.

Reha says to aliya because of you my mom and dad stay each other from 20 years. But reha don’t trust aliya words.

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