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Kumkum Bhagya 9 October 2020 Written Update: Reha asking truth to aliya

Last updated on 8th October 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 9 October 2020 Written Update spoiler released along with previous episode. Kumkum Bhagya serial lovers to know the full episode 1684 story must have zee5 subscription account other wise wait for till the upcoming episode telecasted on Zee channel as per the schedule. Also, follow zeal study portal for upcoming serial promos

Kumkum Bhagya 9th Oct 2020 Promo begins with reha speaks with her aunty aliya. Reha said to her aunty if dad meets with prachi mom pragya dad said to me prachi just like you to me, i feel prachi is my elder sister. When reha speak about prachi, pragya aliya stands silently, Reha crying in front of her, spoiler ends. What happen next i.e if aliya said truth to reha, pragya said to reha name to prachi or not follow portal for zee5 serial alerts.

In Previous episode 1683 sahana informed to sarith, pragya about prachi condition. Then pragya, sarith said thanks to durga matha, went to prachi room. Reha reached the prachi house, saw a photo of abhi and think herself why my dad photo here. After that reha finds more photos, she recognized her childhood photo in group of photographs & prachi asking to her mom about the accident.

Kumkum Bhagya 9 Oct 2020 Episode

Pragya, sahana sit along with prachi. Prachi asking to her mom about accident. At that time nurse asking to pragya please come with me doctor asking to meets you. When she leaves the room prachi asking to sahana who did this accident to me. She said don’t no. Later prachi asking to sarith ji. She said reha name, Ranbir listen when saritha said reha name and leaves the room.

Prachi leaves the hospital room to meet ranbir. Reha hold the pragya photo, starts crying think about prachi, ranbir. Once prachi meets the ranbir he said sorry to prachi. Prachi asking to ranbir why did you said sorry to me because of her. Other end reha finds pragya, abhi marriage photos, think herself from now onwords you and prachi with me.

After that reha decided to prachi is your daughter. But daadi entered the reha room, reha asking to daadi where is dad. Daadi said he just sleeps at his room. Ranbir, Prachi family members return from the hospital. Later pragya went to her room & recognized she miss the photograph of her daughter

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