Kumkum Bhagya 9 March 2022 Written Update: Is alia plan works?

Kukum Bhagya 9 March 2022 Written Update for Episode 2080. Reha, Alia discussing about prachi. Reha said when challenged prachi we defiantly lose the challenge and we done with out intimating to prachi we gain the success. At that time alia think few seconds and now we don’t done stupidly and given tablets to reha.

After that alia informed to reha given this tablets to ranbir to mix in the cool water and when he gets sleep taken him to your room. Also alia said if our plan works no stops you and ranbir even prachi also can not stops you. Reha smiles and holds the pills which is given by alia. To know kumkum bhagya upcoming episode spoilers follow zeal study.

In previous episode Ranbeer questions Prachi asking whether there is something that she might be keeping from him. He asks her if she is sick with a fatal disease, growing sentimental. Later, he reminds her of his prior declaration about how he would react if he learns that an important information had been kept from him.