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Kumkum Bhagya 7 December 2020 Written Update: Saritha asking to pragya marry abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 7 December 2020 Written Update for premium episode 1730. Saritha ji comes to kitchen said with pragya you can’t say with prachi but she understanding the situations and reha know about you but she can’t understand you. After that saritha ji asking to pragya do you speak with mehra. Pragya said no. Later saritha ji said i can understand your relationship with reha but i can’t understand yours mehra relationship and said to pragya mehra loves you so much.

After that saritha ji asking to pragya marriage with abhi because prachi and reha gets their parents love. Then pragya hugs saritha ji. Later saritha asking to pragya let’s phone to abhi and speaks with him. Pragya went to her room to phone to abhi. Later sahana said to saritha abhi can’t love pragya. Saritha asks why, Sahana says if abhi loves pragya he can phone to aunt. After that prachi comes to hospital, ranbir seen her and remembered his mom. Prachi to seen ranbir feels sad. After that ranbir cry, prachi asking to ranbir don’t cry and said to him everything will be alright.

Ranbir said to prachi iam think about our relationship. After mom suffering with heart attack everything will be reversed. Then prachi said to ranbir you must think about your mom now. At that time vikram seen them and asking to ranbir please come with me. After that prachi went to pallavi room to meet her, Vikram asking to ranbir must stop her. Prachi reached pallavi hospital room, daadi seen her and think herself what happen to pallavi.

Prachi asking to daadi may i speak with pallavi aunty. Daadi said it’s ok. Pallavi seen prachi, Prachi said i know today morning. After that pallavi asking to prachi who will allow you to meet me. Other end pragya listen abhi voice message. After that pragya phone to abhi phone, mithali lift the phone and kept side. Alia said to mithali about meera married abhi. Pragya listen the alia words and starts crying.

Abhi phone to vikram and asking about pallavi situaltion. Vikram said she alright now, Abhi asking to hospital name but he can’t tell the name. Then abhi phone to daadi and asking to her hospital name.

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