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Kumkum Bhagya 5 November 2020 Written Update: Prachi comes to ranbir home

Kumkum Bhagya 5 November 2020 Written Update for Zee TV Hindi Serial Full Episode 1706. Finally upcoming episode promo/ spoiler out and available on zee5 app. In today released promo begins with reha. Reha said to alia you absolutely right. i don’t have a time to become a emotional fool. Alia smiles and listen carefully.

Then reha said this is the time to taken everything which belongs to me from prachi. In previous episode pallavi said to ranbir i love you, i know what you want. Ranbir feels happy and think himself i will convince to dad for my marriage with prachi.

Other end abhi doubts on alia and check the car. Alia thinks bhai doubts on me because may be he seen me when i try to hits pragya. Later pallavi, vikram, daadi all set to ranbir, reha engagement and pallavi call to prachi and invites her to seen ranbir and reha engagement. for today episode follow zeal study.

Kumkum Bhagya 5 Nov 2020

Prachi reached the home and asking to pallavi anything wrong. Vikram says no it’s mistake from us. Ranbir comes to his room and remembered when he proposed to prachi and feels happy. Later vikram went to his room, pallavi said to her servant don’t given tea to prachi because she is servant of this house.

After that pallavi and daadi asking to prachi what happen to you, ranbir feels happy because his mom understanding me. Prachi asking to pallavi why are you asking to me come here. Pallavi says your servant of the company that’s why asking to you come here.

Later raju hits daadi, food fallen on the floor. Pallavi asking to prachi let’s clean the floor & pallavi clean the floor. At that time ranbir says milk shake fallen the floor and asking to raju let’s come to my room and clean the floor. Daadi said to prachi let’s go to the ranbir room and clean the room.

After that prachi thinks why daadi and pallavi aunty behaving like this and i will informed to ranbir but withdrawn her decision. Later prachi went to ranbir room but no one at room. Suddenly ranbir behinds curtain asking to prachi what are you doing here. Prachi try to clean the floor but ranbir said don’t do that it’s raju’s work.

Ranbir come out from curtains, prachi smiles to seen ranbir costumes. Ranbir says it’s my costumes, i will act as a ram. At that time pallavi seen both ranbir and prachi, leaves the area. After that pallavi shouts prachi let’s come to kitchen. Daadi asking to pallavi what prachi did now.

Pallavi explains what he seen at ranbir room. Later both prachi, reha meets, prachi said iam sorry becaus iam not comes to hospital. Alia asking to reha please come with me and asking to prachi stay away from reha.

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