Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2020 Written Update: Abhi meet prachi at hospital

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Abhi reached hospital and meets ranbir. Later abhi asking to ranbir where is prachi. Ranbir says she is at 3rd floor. Abhi went to meet prachi. Other end riya meets the driver who did accident prachi and said to them ranbir seen your vehicle number. At that time driver asking to riya must give now 4 lakh but riya given 2 lakh, said to them i don’t have extra money. Then driver asking to her do you have diamond ring and given to me, When do you have amount given to me and taken this ring.

Other end saritha ji and prgya come to the hospital. At that time abhi aslo reached the hospital. When he entered the hospital he hits guy. At the same time pragya passed him. Then abhi searching for prachi room, Pragya meets receptionist and shown to her bill receipt, asking to receptionist why did you mention extra charge. At that time abhi comes to receptionist area.

After that ranbir drive the riya car, who did accident to prachi leaves the hospital. Later pragya seen abhi side at hospital but can’t seen his side and abhi can’t seen pragya. Later abhi seen to prachi freind and asking to her where is prachi. Other end ranbir recognized the driver who did accident to prachi and phone to aryan, asking his help.

Later abhi meets the doctor, asking him how is prachi condition. Doctor says she condition still in critical. Also doctor says prachi mother thinks hospital bills very high. At that time abhi says i will pay the bill but you must take care about prachi.