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Kumkum Bhagya 27 November 2020 Written Update Hindi Serial Episode 1724

Kumkum Bhagya 27 November 2020 Written Update Hindi For Premium Episode 1724 released on Zee5. All the premium subscription check today episode from 26th November 2020 (Thursday) 12.00 PM. Today episode begins with pragya, prachi sit on the auto. At that time prachi said to drive drive carefully, Pragya remembered abhi words (Abhi asking to pragya please be careful because now your pregnant women). Also, pragya seen prachi, Prachi hugs pragya and asking to her mom why you leave my father. Pragya said i will tell you everything once reha come outside from the station.

Ranbir asking to pallavi please open the door, Vikram angry on pallavi and went to upstairs to open the door. Then pallavi asking to her mom let’s seen what vikram did. Ranbir said to her mom if you can’t open the door i will destroy the door. Pallavi angry on prachi and said to vikram because of prachi ranbir behave like this. Ranbir says no one stop me from prachi and try to destroy the door. Pragya, Prachi comes to station and asking inspector let’s recorded prachi statement. But inspector said it’s too late, Then pragya asking to inspector how could you say like this. Then prachi said what my mom said is right.

Then inspector informed to pragya i.e mehra come with lawyer, shown bail papers. Prgya said sorry to inspector and leaves the station. After that pragya asking to prachi let’s go to home. Other end aryan brings his bag for ranbir.After that aryan asking to ranbir did you escape from this home. Ranbir says yes. After that aryan come to downstairs, Pallavi asking to him how you come from ranbir room. Aryan says ranbir destroy the door. What ranbir did now, Aryan says ranbir escape from home. Pallavi angry on ranbir and says because of prachi ranbir leave this house. Both pragya, prachi met reha. At that time reha said to pragya i am not your daughter.

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