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Kumkum Bhagya 27 August 2020 Written Update: Santhosh Said Prachi Name

Kumkum Bhagya 27 August 2020 Written Update Telly Updates Preview/ Promo begins with Ranbir raise the hand on santhosh and asking him who told you to do this. Then santhosh says who asking to stolen the money. Aliya and riya shocked and wait for what santhosh speaks in front of abhi, aryan and dadi, prachi, pallavi. Then santosh says prachi said to me. If we do this she will given 20% of commission to me. Once he said prachi name aliya and riya relaxed, Prachi feels tensed. Complete story of Episode 1640 provided soon. To know the today episode twist follow zeal study portal. Also, subscribed Zee5 Club, Download Zee5 Android App on your smart phone.

Kumkum Bhagya 27 August 2020 Written Update

In Episode 1639 virkam asking to ranbir if need any help i will do. Later abhi, vikram, aryan and ranbir meets detective john and riya plan a occasion along with ranbir but he said i can’t interested. Later Detective John informed who stolen the money. Then abhi, vikram catch the thieves brings to the house & riya seen the thieves gets shocked. Check what happen next here. Complete story updated soon stay tune with Zeal Study

If anyone miss the seria check Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1639 

Kumkum Bhagya 27 Aug 2020 Ka Written Update

Today episode begins with abhi introduced both thieves to dadi then abhi asking thread to tie thieves hands. Riya says i will bring the thread and went to his room. After that aliya follow to the riya. Then both aliya and riya discussing about thieves, Bring the thread, given to the abhi.

Later abhi tie thread to thieves hands, Vikram asking to the thieves who telling to you stolen the amount from prachi house. Few minutes later ranbir asking to the thieves but they don’t tell him anything. Then aliya slaps on one of the thieve cheek and other loose loop of the thread to escape the thieves from the ranbir house and said i will given 2 lakh rupees if says prachi name to tell them & pallavi phone to the police, explain the situation

Later ranbir asking to the thieves, They said prachi name & all are shocked. At that time ranbir asking thieves once again who said to you. But riya stops ranbir and asking him why you ask again to this chor they already said prachi name

After that sarita ji come to house when speaking to pragya the she recognized a letter which written by prachi (on this letter prachi written went to mehra house).

Police reaches the mehra house & theives try to escape from the house but ranbir and aryan catch the theives once again and handover to the police. Then inspector asking to prachi come to the jail but ranbir can’t agreed for that,stops her. Then abhi says i will released from jail prachi, Prachi went to jail.