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Kumkum Bhagya 26 November 2020 Written Update: Ranbir revel engagement info


Kumkum Bhagya 26 November 2020 Written Update Spoiler/ Promo begins with ranbir speaks with his mom pallavi. In the middle of the conversation ranbir said to his parents pallavi, vikram my engagement with prachi already happen. Then ranbir parents pallavi and vikram, daadi shocked to listen ranbir engagement info.

At pragya house prachi said to her mom about reha i.e she is selfish and try to kill me. Then pragya try to control herself, prachi scolds reha in front of pragya. But suddenly pragya said don’t speak one more word about reha. Prachi asking to her mom why?. Then pragya says because she is your sister. Prachi starts crying. To know what happen next i.e how prachi feel to know the truth follow zeal study.

Today after noon 12.00 PM Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1723 released on Zee5. Before the tv to know the story subscribe Zee5 Premium Pack. Check Zee Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu Serial Stories.

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Police asking to pragya must bring prachi to here and withdrawn case. Other end abhi comes to lawyer home and said to him my daughter at station please prepare bail for her. But lawyer says i can’t done today because today diwali and my son come from hostel. Abhi angry on lawyer. At station alia speaks with reha and pragya shouts at station asking to police i will met my daughter reha.

Alia said to reha pragya plays new drama. Then pragya said to reha don’t fear i will bring here prachi and leaves the station. Alia think herself if prachi comes to station my plan fail. After that ranbir informed to his parents about engagement. Pallavi asking to it’s real, Ranbir says yes. Then pallavi slaps him. Pragya reaches the home and asking to prachi please come with me.

At ranbir home pallavi said to her son if can’t leave prachi i can’t speak with you and went her room. Ranbir follow his mom but once he come to pallavi room she close the doors and come outside from her room. Vikram asking to pallavi why did you do this. Pragya and prachi went to station.


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