Kumkum Bhagya 26 August 2020 Written Update Serial Spoiler Episode 1639

Kumkum Bhagya 26 August 2020 Written Update Preview Spoiler Episode 1639 begins with aliya holds the prachi photo in his right hand speaks with her self ranbir only for my riya and auger tumhari maa pragya aur usay tumhari thodi si be parwah hogi na to wo tumhe bahut door lejayegi otherwise i will make your life hell. Also pragya said to prachi tomorrow morning went to your office given your resignation letter to them and pragya aslo said to her daughter loganya mujhe naukri diya ye iska matlab meri zindagi kardinay ye galat time unke door karna bahut jaroori. For complete premium episodes required subscribe zee5 club.

Kumkum Bhagya 26 August 2020 Written Update

In previous episode 1638 aliya come with varsha to vikram house. Also riya shown footage which consists both ranbir and prachi conversation at police station. Later Prachi came to vikram home listen what riya said. Then riya, aliya, varsha and dadi, vikram, pallavi reach the police station.

After that varsha withdrawn the case which is filed on the ranbir. Later police calling to pragya house, pragya lift the phone when inspector phone to her home. After that sarita ji, pragya and prachi went to police station and make a sign on the paper given by inspector.

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Kumkum Bhagya 26 Aug 2020 Ka Written Update

Today Episode begins with ranbir and aryan speaking with prachi. At the same time vikram came to ranbir room says i know prachi is innocent girl and you try to save her, asking ranbir if need any help i will do it. Later Pragya asking to prachi please resign your job when you go to the office tomorrow.

Few moments later Abhi enters the ranbir room when both vikram, aryan & ranbir then asking to ranbir what happen at that night (when thieves stolen money from prachi house). Ranbir says 3 members enters the group, put knife on prachi head stolen the amount.

Abhi asking to ranbir how did you know about this matter. Ranbir says at that time i am at prachi house. Vikram asking to ranbir why your in the prachi house. Aryan says you are at party when prachi call to you. That’s why ranbir went her house.

Then abhi asking to ranbir any idea about those persons. Ranbir shown the pictures when he leaves prachi house at that night. After that abhi says an idea i.e we meet a detective, Vikram says i know a detective. Then abhi and vikram meets the detective jhon.

Later jhon phone to abhi intemiate their names santhosh and abhay and their address. Later vikram and abhi, ranbir, aryan reach that address catch the thieves and bring to abhi house. After that riya seen the thieves gets schocked.