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Kumkum Bhagya 25 August 2020 Written Update: Prachi explain to saritha ji about ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 25 August 2020 Written Update Hindi TV Serial Zee5 Spoiler starts with Prachi. Prachi, Saritha stand at dining hall. Prachi said to saritha ji about Ranbir. Ranbir can’t catch thieves and can’t recover money from thieves and he stolen the money from his own office to save me but now he blamed because what he did at his own office. Then saritha ji asking to prachi about ranbir, where he his now. Prachi says at present ranbir at police station. Saritha ji once knowing about ranbir says bahut ajib wale hey To know complete written update follow zeal study portal.

Kumkum Bhagya 25 August 2020 Written Update

Previous Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1650 inspector taken ranbir into the police station. Vikram and pallavi trying to contact abhi initially but his phone not reached. Later vikram try to contact with aliya but she can’t lift the phone. After that riya seen what happen to ranbir, went to prachi house and explained what happen to ranbir and what he can do for prachi.

Then prachi reach the police station & asking to ranbir why stolen the money from office. Ranbir says because of you.

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After that aliya calling to vikram says i can’t seen the phone, any urgent work. Vikram says ranbir at police station. Aliya says i will try to contact the varsh but she’s phone not reached. To know 25th August 2020 Episode follow zeal study.

Kumkum Bhagya 25 August 2020 Ka Full Episode Written Update

Saritha try to pack the food. Rhea enter the house, Saritha asking to her pack these food i will make food for you. Later prachi come to home, started crying when seen the saritha. Saritha ji asking to her what happen. Then prachi explains what happen to ranbir and what his doing. Later prachi think about ranbir, says he his good person. Other end ranbir sit in the jail think about prachi

Then after vikram think himself how ranbir stolen the money. After that riya meet the vikram shown the video clip what ranbir and prachi speaks together at jail. In this video ranbir says because of you i will stolen the money. Prachi says i will arrange the money. When riya shown the video which consists the bite of prachi and ranbir speaks each other jail prachi enters the vikram home listen what pallavi, dadi and riya spoken about her

After that prachi says sorry i don’t know really ranbir did like this. When prachi speak with pallavi aliya enter the house along with varsha and said to pallavi varsha meet with accident. After that riya says i will inform to aliya aunty what inspector said to vikram uncle that why aliya brings varsha here.

Then after aliya vikram riya along with varsha went to police station to bring back the case and release the ranbir. At the same time prachi try to went with vikram and group but pallavi holds prachi hand said because of you we facing so many problems

After that jailer open the key. Ranbir think herself prachi try to release me. Once ranbir released try to leave the station but dadi and pallavi asking to stay and listen me. Later pallavi asking to ranbir please say thanks to aliya and riya.

Then ranbir says thanks to aliya and riya. After that pragya asking to prachi when she returns. At the same time police calling to pragya house, Pragya lift the phone later she said police asking to me and pragya come to the station.

Later saritha, pragya, prachi went to police station. Other end aryan meets ranbir asking to ranbir why your surrender because it’s your money. Other end inspector given the consignment paper, asking to sign on the paper. Pragya asking to the inspector why we sign on the paper. Inspector explain the issue to her, Pragya & Prachi sign on the paper