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Kumkum Bhagya 24 November 2020 Written Update: Abhi finally know alia behavior

Kumkum Bhagya 24 November 2020 Written Update For Zee TV Hindi Serial. In today released episode promo alia, mithali comes to alia room, stand at balcony. At that time alia seen sky said to mithali bhai, pragya ki life may ummid kay kiran nazar aarahi hei. Also alia said today today (diwali amavsya 2020) night end today but this night not end in pragya life.

When alia said to mithali bhabi about pragya abhi comes to alia room. At that time alia says pragya or prachi not stay with reha like family. when alia speaks about pragya, prachi silently listen by abhi. Once alia conversation completed with mithali recognized abhi presence in her room.

In previous episode police comes to mehra house to arrested reha. But abhi, pragya asking to police don’t arrested reha, asking to police who file case on reha. Police says prachi file case on reha. For more kumkum bhagya written story follow

Episode Story

Alia said to pragya you accepted prachi as a daughter and not accepted reha as a daughter. Daadi asking to alia let’s stop but alia asking to pragya why did you file FIR on reha. Abhi crying, Mithali silently listen what alia speaks. Pragya says i don’t do that & Abhi think about pragya, Pragya comes to abhi, said to him please trust me, i can’t do that.

After that alia asking to pragya where is your daughter, because you created a drama that’s why she is not yet here. Also, alia asking to pragya prachi know reha is her sister and abhi is her father. Then abhi said please leave me alone and sit on steps. At that time pragya phone rining, Daadi said to pragya here network is low please went outside and speak with prachi.

At station police taken reha into lockup, Reha shouts. Then police said it’s not your home. After that prachi speaks with pragya and said to her reha can’t speak with me when iam phone to her. Pragya said i will speak with you later.

Abhi comes to pragya, Pragya asking to abhi do you trust me or not. Abhi said when you leave me i feel alone, asking to pragya please return FIR. Pragya says i can’t file FIR. Abhi intimated to her but FIR on your name. Then pragya says ok & i will taken reha to home.

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