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Kumkum Bhagya 24 December 2020 Written Update Hindi Serial Episode 1744

Kumkum Bhagya 24 December 2020 Written Update for Episode 1744 begins with ranbir comes to abhi engagement. shahana seen ranbir, informed to prachi. Prachi asking to shahana where he is. shahana said he comes near to you. Once ranbir comes to prachi said hai, remembered sahana words, Ranbir think himself please prachi forgive me. Later prachi done what shahana said, ranbir said to her please behaves like you. Prachi crying and running to kitchen. shahana comes to prachi, said to her don’t cry. Other end meera ready to wedding and remembered alia words about marriage. Other end thefts esacpe from police when police taken them to station.

At that time police cached one of the theft and taken him to station. Aryan comes to ranbir stopping him when drink alcohol. Aryan asking to ranbir why did you drink, Ranbir said because i will hurt prachi. Then aryan hugs ranbir. Later sahana, prachi comes to ranbir and aryan said ok ranbir i will met you later.

Later prachi asking to sahana leave the room i will speak with ranbir. At that time both aryan and sahana leave the room. Meera seen pragya and asking her to come to the room. Later meera makeup women said to pragya meera madam can’t wear the necklace. Pragya asking to meera let’s wear it. Abhi seen them and entered the meera room, asking to her let’s wear the necklace because your very special and you will became Mr.s Mehra. At that time pragya leave the room and abhi also leave the room.

Mithali seen shahana, aryan when speak each other and think herself if shahana becomes alia daughter-in-law what happens to alia. After that reha comes to aryan and asking him about ranbir. Aryan said i think ranbir with you. Reha said no, Shahana asking to reha why did you feel tension. Reha says i can’t speak with you.

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