Kumkum Bhagya 24 August 2020 Written Update, Zee5: Ranbir Arrested Full Episode 1650

Kumkum Bhagya 24 August 2020 Written Update Full Episode 1650 on Zee5 App begins with ranbir searching for his dadi, asking to his dad and mother. Dadi came outside, said to ranbir i went to temple but pallavi asking when you are going to temple. Dadi says it’s joke meera went temple & ranbir try to eat breakfast but someone ring the calling bell, Pallavi went to open the door & get’s shocked to seen the police

Inspecter asking to pallavi who is ranbir then enters the house, asking to ranbir please come to station. Vikram asking to the inspector what happen, what ranbir did. Inspector says ranbir stolen the money, case filed on him. Then ranbir try to went police station, vikram stops him and pallavi asking to inspector who registered case on ranbir. Inspector said fusion beats company registered case on him, Pallavi said to police that is my company.

Kumkum Bhagya 24 August 2020 Written Update

Inspector says varsha files case on him & pallavi asking to the vikram who is varsha, Inspector taken ranbir to the police station. Then vikram think himself who is varsha. Later he realized varsha is aliya personel secretary and trying to call abhi but his phone not reachable. After that vikram try to contact aliya through phone call but she can’t lift the phone, At that time riya come to dinning hall, seen every one asking to pallavi. Pallavi says police arrested ranbir.

After that riya went to prachi house, asking to prachi don’t act like my elder sister and asking to her what are you saying to ranbir. Then riya reveled ranbir stolen the amount of 10 lakh, police arrested him because you asking to ranbir stolen the company money. Prachi says no ranbir catches the thieves and recover the money.

Riya says because of prachi ranbir went to jail. Prachi asking to riya ranbir went to jail and riya says it’s your plan i know everything. Then aliya think her self prachi also my brother daughter but why i don’t fell like prachi also our family and i hate her. Then riya meet aliya says ranbir now in jail but how you feel cool. Then aliya says i will try to bring ranbir from the jail. Prachi went to jail asking to ranbir why you stolen the money from company. Ranbir says because of you prachi. Prachi says do you think your family members and what you did for me it’s wrong and don’t do again.

Kumkum Bhagya 24 August 2020 Ka Written Episode

After that riya meet ranbir asking him i will talk with you and ranbir i don’t have option. Then riya says i will think about you & i care you. Then vikram and pallavi reach the station said varsha not find still, that is my company phone at any cast varsha return the case. But inspector says who file the case they came here and return the case only.

Aliya phone to vikram asking everything alright because riya, you and pallavi calling to me. Vikram says not ok police arrested ranbir because of stolen the company money, Pallavi taken the phone from vikram hands asking to her about varsha. But aliya says just i can try to call her but her phone not reachable