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Kumkum Bhagya 23 November 2020 Written Update: Alia creates new drama

Kumkum Bhagya 23 November 2020 Written Update begins with prachi phone to pragya but phone can’t reached. Ranbir asking to prachi let’s try again. Other end abhi asking to pragya why you feel tensed. Pragya says reha know everything abut prachi doesn’t know. Abhi said once prachi know everything i will arranged seperate rooms for prachi and reha & for me. Pragya says just we think about our children. Abhi says they are not child, They grown now. Pragya asking to abhi let’s leave their matter, Abhi hugs pragya. Other end pallavi shouts ranbir and said to vikram ranbir is my best gift ever in my life.

After that pallavi phone to ranbir said to him dad speaks with you and asking to him where are you know. Ranbir says once i met you i will speak with you. Later ranbir said to prachi my mom call to me so i leave now. Before leaves the house ranbir says we are engaged now. After that pallavi says my son come to here to taken a class for you.  Once ranbir leaves the house prachi think about reha try to seperate my mom from me. After that prachi once again phone to reha and said to her iam prachi. Reha said i have your number and cut the call to listen mithali voice. After that reha comes to mithali and asking her my mom is safe or not.

Later mithali said to reha don’t come down. After that pragya, abhi, reha, abhi and raj, pragya all come down asking themselves what happen. After that alia said police reached the home. Pragya asking to alia why are you close the doors and open the doors. Police asking to mehra family who is reha. Pragya asking to police what happen. Police says on reha filed case. Abhi asking which type of case, attempt murder. Abhi asking who filed case, Police says prachi. Reha shocked. After that abhi says prachi and reha both are my daughters and said to police must arrest sanju.

Police said bittu informed to me reha given money to kill prachi. Abhi shocked and says bittu said to you wrong. Police said to lady constable must arrested her. Abhi try to stop police. Daadi angry on alia. Alia said pragya files case on reha.

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