Kumkum Bhagya 21 August 2020 Written Update Zee5 Episode 1636 Spoiler

Kumkum Bhagya 21 August 2020 Written Update Full Episode 1636 Spoiler Zee5 Hindi Serial begins with aryan and ranbir speaks with each other at ranbir room. When aryan & ranbir speaking to each other riya listen silently standing at door. At that Aryan said to Ranbir i know you can do anything for prachi. Also, aryan asking ranbir why can’t think your self to prove prachi as innocent girl, are you asking to maya for help and prachi ke self respect bachanay ka liye tu nay apni self respect dav pay laga diya. To know complete written update follow zealstudy.in, get latest telly updates reviews, spoilers.

Kumkum Bhagya 21 August 2020 Written Update

Recap of Kumkum Bhagya 20 August 2020. In the previous episode Ranbir handover the money 10 lakshs to the vikram, Abhi asking to aliya to say sorry to prachi but she leaves from hall to charge the phone. Other end dadi asking to apology & both vikram, pallavi asking to sorry to prachi. Then prachi phone rings, aliya try to lift the phone but she reliazed it’s not her phone, pallavi says mistakenly given aliya phone to prachi. Then ranbir brings car key, both aliya and abhi went to meet prachi house.

Aliya seem the pragya and think her self how to stop the abhi to seen her. Then aliya said to his brother i need a doctor, i am suffering with chest pain

Kumkum Bhagya 21 Aug 2020 Ka Episode

Aliya asking to abhi please leave from here i need doctor urgently i don’t want phone now. Later Riya listen what ranbir and aryan speaks. Ranbir said to aryan iam asking 10 lakh rupees from Maya & then they both went upstairs, riya started crying. After that sanju calling to aliya’s phone then prachi seen the phone, says unknown & lift the call, say hello. Sanju says such a sweet voice like prachi.

Then both abhi & aliya return their home. After that aliya hold the riya photo think her self what riya said to her in the past, said i hate pragya & i love riya and i would say to riya pragya is her mother. Later prachi check the phone, realized it’s not her phone, said to sanju it’s not my phone & said her name as a prachi. Sanju think him self i will call to aliya but why aliya phone at prachi hands. Then after prachi trying to call pallavi. Other end riya try to suicide but aliya seen it, stops riya. After that sanju calling to riya, but riya said i will speak with you later, Sanju said i will be outside in your home, asking to riya given the photo aliya. Then riya give the phone to aliya, sanju asking to her why your phone lifts prachi. Aliya asking to him did you calling to that number. he said yes & asking to aliya came right side of your home. After that sanju meets both aliya and riya and says i will bring gift for you. After that aliya open the bag, asking to him who’s money this. Sanju said it’s your money. Riya asking to him ranbir catch your friends & Sanju said no one catch my friends.