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Kumkum Bhagya 2 February 2021 Written Update: Reha revels what alia did for abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 2 February 2021 Written Update for today premier episode ranbir and aryan along with went outside from the temple on ranbir car. At that time prachi and sahana comes to her room and searching for pragya. Then sahana said to prachi i will search at upstairs and comes to downstairs said to prachi aunty not yet upstairs. Later prachi phone to saritha ji to know about pragya. Other end reha went outside, alia asking to her you went to meera house. Reha says yes. After that reha asking to alia prachi is unlucky for dad and mom. At that time alia’s aunty said to reha please don’t mind alia words.

Later alia asking to virkram why my brother can not lift the phone. At that time daadi, saritha comes to home and said alia abhi stay with pragya that’s why he can’t lift the phone. After that reha asking to daadi why ranbir said lie to me. Also reha think about her father, asking to alia dad know meera leave the house. Alia said to reha don’t rise volume on me. But alia try to leave the reha but reha holds alia hands. Other end both pragya, abhi spend romantic time together.

At outside killer searching for abhi and pragya but they still don’t know where abhi and pragya. Later killer recognized the horse and think himself abhishek mehra stay in this village so search every house in this village. After that pragya went outside and close the door. Abhi asking to pragya please open the door and i feel tension when you stay outside. Other end prachi phone to pinky but she can’t life the phone and prachi feel tension, said to sahana i feel tension.

Later saritha said to daadi i will went to my home. Then reha says no one leave this house and asking to alia please tell me the truth. Also reha said to alia once dad comes to the i will informed to the truth to dad. Daadi asking to reha what is the truth, Reha said i want to dad and pragya marriage but alia change the game that’s why meera entered the drama. At that time purab asking to alia why did you do this, Daadi asking to purab don’t say anything to alia once abhi return to home he will take care everything.

Other end pragya open the door, comes to abhi and asking to abhi you can’t say lie to me. Abhi says yes and kiss pragya hands. At that time abhi thrown outside and close the doors.

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