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Kumkum Bhagya 2 December 2020 Written Update: Reha asks abhi, meera marriage


Kumkum Bhagya 2 December 2020 Written Update for premium episode released on Zee5 Today on 12.00 PM. In this episode promo already released. Story of the spoiler is begins with reha. Reha asking to her dad what iam asking you you must given for me. Then

Complabhi said if you ask me my life iam ready to given you reha.

After that abhi asking to reha what you want ask me i am ready to given. Then reha asking to her dad you marry meera aunty. Abhi shocked to listen what reha asking and mithali unable to guess reha asking this type of question.

Alia feels happy and smiles to seen reha, promo ends. In previous episode meera said to reha i am just like your mother, must listen my words and asking to stop crying. Then reha hugs her, leaves the room and went to outside. But abhi seen her, asking to alia, mithali what happen to reha, where she is going.


Complete Story 

Pragya holds reha photo and crying, Prachi comes to pragya room and seen her mom. Then pragya holds reha childhood dress & seen letters which is written for reha. Then prachi try to asking pragy’s crying but saritha ji stops prachi. Then alia, abhi searching for reha. Reha sit alone on the road and think about her mom and prachi & walking on the road. At that time abhi and alia seen reha. Later alia asking to reha re you ok. Reha hugs abhi and reached the house.

Once reached the home said i am with you, dont fell alone and also abhi askingto alia please come with me i will speak with you. Vikram asking to doctor how is pallavi. Doctor says she is alright now but she’s heart is weak. Doctor said to vikram pallavi asking to met ranbir.


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