Kumkum Bhagya 1st October 2020 Written Update: Riya badly wants to prachi death

Kumkum Bhagya 1st October 2020 Written Update Full Episode Promo Zee TV Hindi Serial released. Through this promo makers revels some key moments of upcoming episode to create huge buzz on the serial.

Pragya speaks with doctor who treated prachi case, asking about prachi present condition. Then doctor says she lose huge blood, Pragya starts crying when listen doctor voice & asking to doctor when she is normal. Doctor saying to pragya if she gets B+ blood she is cured otherwise. After that doc and pragya conversation ends, Started riya and her aunt conversation

Riya speaks with her aunt about prachi. I waiting to listen prachi death news but riya can’t recognized abhi listen her voice, her aunty recognized abhi presence in her room. Then after abhi asking to riya your waiting to listen prachi death news. Riya shocked and feel fear when abhi asking about prachi news, promo ends. To know full story follow zeal study

Kumkum Bhagya 1st Oct Full Episode story begins with pragya, daadi come to bill counter to pay prachi hospital bill but receptionist says already your husband pay the bill both saritha ji and pragya shocked. Pragya said my husband not came here how he paid the bill. Nurse said no madam he paid the bill Saritha ji asking to nurse where he his. Nurse said at prachi room

Other end ranbir still follows the driver. Driver think himself who he his and followed me and remembered riya words you face problems with ranbir. Later he drive fast to escape from ranbir. Few seconds later he suddenly stops the vehicle, ranbir also suddenly stop the vehicle and injured himself slightly. At that aryan meets the ranbir.

Ranbir says he his driver let’s catch him. At that driver start the vehicle but it’s not started. Later he down the vehicle and running away from ranbir, aryan. But finally ranbir and his friend catch the driver, hits him suddenly driver fall down on the road.

Riya speaks with her aunt. She is asking to riya what happen to you. Riya speaks about prachi she is middle class women and ranbir helps to prachi. Her aunt said riya you over reacting about prachi. Later mithali walking towords her room, suddenly she listen riya and aliya voice.

At that aliya said to riya speak silently if mithali listen what we speaking we don not know what happen next. Later pragya and saritha ji went to prachi room and asking to her friend where is mehra. She said just went to downstairs.

Ranbir and aryan brings driver to his friend room. Ranbir friend open the door and asking him who this man. Ranbir says he his a driver he accident to prachi. Later abhi phone to doctor and asking about prachi condition. Doctor says she need B+ blood. Abhi says don’t worry my daughter blood group is B+ and i will arranged the blood