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Kumkum Bhagya 19 November 2020 Written Update: Reha says don’t love me mom


Kumkum Bhagya 19 November 2020 Written Update For Zee5 Hindi Serial Family Drama. Promo for Kumkum Bhagya Ki Kahani provided here. In this promo pragya asking to reha please stop and listen my words. But reha walk towards her room, pragya again asking to reha please stop. Then reha stops walking and asking to her mom why iam listen your words.

Also, reha says what you want from me. Pragya says i want my daughter. Reha says iam not your daughter, If iam your daughter you love me like prachi. Pragya says i love you reha, Reha says you don’t love me.

In previous episode pragya asking to sanju what are you doing here, but reha interupt pragya. At that time sanju escape from reha room and pragya follows him. Reha think herself if mom cached sanju she file case on sanju. If case file on sanju he said my name.

For Kumkum Bhagya 19 Nov 2020 Full Episode Story follow Today premium episode available on Zee5 after 12.00 PM

Ranbir Catches Sanju


Ranbir follow sanju when he escaped from the house. In the middle ranbir catches him and slpas him. After that ranbir missed him, Sanju thrown bycle on ranbir. After that bittu comes to save sanju. At that sanju, bittu escapes on bike. Later prachi phone to ranbir informed him we leave the party but ranbir asking to prachi don’t leave the party i will come to their and i will drop you. Prachi says ok i will wait for you.

Reha Feels Fear & Pragya shown love on rehan

Reha remembered what happen to pragya, sanju and crying. After that pragya comes to reha and seen when reha sit alone and crying, Later pragya sit with reha, stops crying. Reha says don’t shown fake love on me & leaves her. Then after ranbir drops prachi, saritha ji and shahana at prachi’s house. Once ranbir reaches prachi’s house saritha ji, shahana leave the car, Ranbir think herself if iam informed to prachi about sanju comes to prachi for killed her prachi feels fear. Prachi asking to ranbir what happen to you, Ranbir silently sit on the car. Prachi leaves the car and went to her house because i will made cup cakes. Reha says i love cup cakes.

After that pragya asking to reha i want my daughter to reha. Reha says you don’t love me. Pragya says i love you reha. Other end abhi asking to god please reha accepts pragya love. Pragya said to reha when your birthday i will wish you before prachi. Then reha says i miss you mom, pragya hugs reha. Alia seen both pragya and reha


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