Kumkum Bhagya 16 July 2020 Written Update: Dushyant reveals his plan

Kumkum Bhagya 16 July 2020 Written Update. Today episode start with maya’s mother Mr. Chaubay. Mr. Chaubay seen blood on the floor and said to Dushyant, ask to every one where my daughter maya. Then dushyant ask to where is maya, who’s blood this and he his watch maya’s body which is their in the back of sofa.

Later Mr. Chaubay get’ shocked to watch his daughter body, Then when mr. chaybay started crying dushyant search for ranbir and ask his family where is ranbir & started to count 5. When dushyant started 1 ranbir came down from upstairs.

But dushyant ask to ranbir you could marry maya but why you kill her, We have your voice record, i will shows voice recording to everyone, we won the elections this time. Then Prgya Abhishek Mistra said you will get benefits from everything. Then dushyant said to prgya because of prachi ranbir not marry maya & try to suicide, later we are planning for fake murder because of prachi to involve this fake murder

Then Prgya says police can not punish ranbir twice. Because maya already dead. Later dushyant said how he his arranged fake body & how he planed fake murder. While he saying how he planned fake murder suddenly maya is standing backside of sofa, both chaubay & dushyant shocked.

Dushyant asks maya why you join with prgya family and make me fool. Maya says i can do anything for ranbir love. When maya says that word Mr. Chaubay slapped her daughter, suddenly police entering the scene watch what dushyant says & taken him to jail

Once police taken dushyant to jail vikram went to police station, informs to aditya and abhi maya is alive than abhi gets relased from jail.