Kumkum Bhagya 15 October 2020 Written Update: reha finally meets pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 15 October 2020 Written Update begins with reha. According to the promo reha finally meets pragya. Before that aliya try to stops reha when she plans to meet pragya. Once reha meets pragya said to her at any cost mom can’t leave her daughter. If mom leaves her daughter she is not a mother, she is selfish.

Then pragya said but your entire family and your dads loves you so much and i will also loves you. Reha says please don’t say anything to me, i can’t listen love related words from your tongue. After that reha asking to pragya why you leave new born kid, Your not a mother. Pragya feels shocked to listen about her daughter.

In previous episode reha plan to meet her mom but aliya trying to stops reha. Aryan phone to ranbir and asking to him how to propose prachi. Ranbir explains each and everything. When aryan speaks with ranbir aliya listen both conversations.

After that aliya said to reha i.e ranbir proposed to prachi, prachi also accepted. But reha decided to meets pragya at any cost. What happen in upcoming episode follow zeal study portal, Premium episode released tomorrow after 12.00 PM on Zee5 Premium APP

Kumkum Bhagya 15 Oct 2020

Pragya reaches the cafe and searching for reha. Reha aslo reaches the cafe and seen pragya & remembered previous meetings with pragya. Aliya eagerly thinking what hapeen between both mom and daughter, try to call to reha but she don’t lift the phone.

Other end saritha ji phone to pragya and asking where are you. Pragya says if iam with them ranbir feels shy that’s why iam come outside. Also, pragya says i will accept prachi, ranbir love. Reha listen pragya words, Pragya recognized reha behind her.

Reha try to leave the cafe, but pragya follow her and stops her. Saritha ji saw both ranbir, prachi and feels happy. Pragya asking to reha why you asking to come here. Reha says i will come here to speak with you but when iam remembered your words at hospital iam feels guilty. Pragya says i want to see you smiles, Reha says no you say lie with me. Reha said my mom leaves me when iam kid. Pragya crys, Reha says i don’t forgive my mom what she did for me.

Reha leaves the cafe, and phone to abhi and asking to why mom leaves me. Abhi asking her where are you now. But reha asking him why, Abhi remembered past

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