Kumkum Bhagya 14 August 2020 Written Update Zee5: Sanju steal money

Kumkum Bhagya 14 August 2020 Written Update Zee5 Telly Updates Episode begins with sanju hold the knife on prachi neck at that time prgya asking to thieves remove the knife from prachi neck and ok to given the money. Then sanju said to pragya if anyone ahead i will kill prachi. Then prachi said to thieves this is not my money, this money belongs to my office. After that sanju taken the amount from pragya, leave the prachi & escaped from pragya house along with his friends. Then prachi said to her mother what i would said when asking about office money, Vikram sir believes me and allotted the work to bring the money to office but thieves steals the money

Kumkum Bhagya 14 August 2020 Written Update

At that time vikram and pallavi came to his house said to aliya pary is nice. Then aliya said to pallavi stupid cook thrown hot water on me. Later pallavi seen the aliya hand. After that riya said to vikram prachi calling to you but you can’t lift the phone. Then vikram seen his phone try to call prachi, he said prachi can’t lift the call. Then pallavi said iam very tied. After that aliya said to riya prachi gets insulted, every one hated her. After that prachi and pragya went to police station file the FIR and explains what happen at their house . Then inspector said to prachi we will try. Then abir call to ranbir asking to him why are you left the party.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode 14 August 2020 

Then riya waiting to next day and think her self when press conference happen. In the next day pallavi ready to vikram. At the same time ranbir came downstairs and asking to his dad at 9.00 o clock press conference started. Later Abhi came to downstairs, Vikram said to him sharma send to cheque. After that aliya said to vikram sharma given to the prachi 10 lakh amount. Vikram asking to aliya sharma given to her 10 lakh amount and aliya asking to vikram prachi still not handover the amount. Then vikram said no she not handover to me.

Then prachi said to vikram thieves steal the 10 lakh amount. Then riya asking to prachi how is your mother. Later pallavi said it’s ok no one can’t suffer from thieves. Then vikram says it’s ok. After that aliya asking to prachi where is the company amount. At that time abhi asking to aliya stop it. Later saritha said to pragya 10 lakh rupees no matter for mister mehra. After that aliya said every time prachi said fake stories. Later ranbir said i know prachi very well and her family also, she can’t do like this. Aliya said to ranbir middle class people to do hard work but their said business theft something.

Then prachi asking to aliya why you can’t trust me, i can’t do nothing and i will file complaint file FIR at police station. Later Abhi said to aliya please leave it, 10 lakh is no matter. Later aliya asking to prachi when you going to from sharma office if anyone follow you, thieves steal your jewelry and laptop, cell phone. Then prachi says no. Then aliya said to abhi prachi says lie to me. After that aliya try to said to press prachi steal the company money.