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Kumkum Bhagya 13 November 2020 Written Update: Abhi catched Sanju


Kumkum Bhagya 13 November 2020 Written Update Hindi Serial Episode 1713. Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV Serial Upcoming Episode today 12.00 PM available on Zee5 App. All premium subscribers today afternoon onwards available. So to know the full story of episode 1713 wait for few more hours and follow for sneak peak of respective episode.

Saritha ji phone prachi when sanju kidnaps prachi. Saritha listen prachi phone sound from sanju. Then saritha recognized prachi phone at sanju and followed him At that time sanju try to escape from saritha ji, went to room and close the door. Saritha ji comes to where sanju is, asking to open the door.

Sanju phone to alia, informed to her saritha seen me. Alia asking to how can seen her. Sanju says because of prachi phone. After that saritha ji informed to pragya about what she seened. Pragya asking to saritha where he his. Both pragya, sahana, saritha ji reached the store room and open the door, But prachi not at room.

Ranbir makeup himself lord ram getup. At that time ranbir gets phone call from pallavi. Pallavi asking to ranbir where are you, Ranbir says i will come to you. Pallavi sayid to reha, alia ranbir comes to me.

Pragya and Sahana searching for prachi, Sahana said to saritha you listen some body phone sound. Pragya phone to prachi phone and sanju use prachi phone, Pragya says prachi speak with some one and once prachi seen my number she will phone to me.

Sahana phone to ranbir and asking to him do you speak with prachi. Sahana said to pragya, saritha ranbir speak with prachi. After that vikram asking to ranbir let’s performing ravan dahan. Alia said to reha after completion of ravan dahan your engagement with ranbir done.


After that pallavi phone to pragya, Pragya informed to saritha pallavi phone to me because some work with, leave the place. Later sahana, saritha ji leaves the store room, saritha ji recognized sanju foot steps and said to sahana something mysteries.

After that sahana phone to ranbir and asking to him when did you speak with prachi. Ranbir says with in 1 hour. Sahana informed to saritha prachi in danger. Sanju speaks with unconscious prachi about marriage and holds her on shoulders and taken her outside.

At that time abhi seen him and asking to him what’s inside the bag. Sanju says material in the bag, Abhi asking to sanju let’s put on the bad on the floor at that time sanju friend hits abhi on his neck and taken the bag awany from abhi. Pragya lisen abhi voice and reached him.

Later pragya taken abhi to his room, Saritha ji reached the abhi room and seen both pragya and abhi and think herself why pragya with abhi. After that prachi gets conscious and asking to sanju why did you do this. Sanju says i love you and i will marry you.

Prachi asking to sanju let’s leave me. Sanju says why and prachi says i love him. After that sanju cover prachi mouth with napkin and says you marriage not happen with ranbir and ranbir killed you with his hands and said his plan with his friend i.e taken prachi into ravan idol.

After that abhi gets conscious and said to pragya what happen to him Pragya says prachi can’t lift the phone. Sahana asking to saritha where is prachi. Other end sanju taken prachi into ravan idol.


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