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Kumkum Bhagya 13 January 2021 Written Update: Reha asking to meera about marriage

Kumkum Bhagya 13 January 2021 Written Update for Hindi Serial Episode 1758. Meera ready for marriage with abhi. At that time reha comes to meera room and asking to her don’t do this marriage with my dad. Meera shocked to listen reha words regarding marriage. After that meera think few seconds and said to reha i will ready for this marriage. Reha says if you accept this marriage i will can not accept as my mom. Other end abhi said to him self if close eyes can not change the truth, pragya sit alone at her home and crying.

Recap of Kumkum Bhagya Previous Episode i.e Pragya said abhi haldi mubarak and your happy is my happy. At that time purab comes to abhi and said to him my wish is you and pragya sister becomes one. Abhi says if we can’t one now because tomarrow is my marriage with meera. Purab asking to abhi don’t do marriage with meera, Abhi leaves and alia comes to purab and says every time you spoil abhi’s happiness. Purab says no because i want to seen his happiness and i know where it is. Also purab says to alia you still try to seperate abhi and pragya.

Ranbir searching for prachi and finds her. Prachi asking to ranbir why you followed me. Ranbir said to prachi i know what reha said to you. Prachi turn back and ranbir asking to prachi don’t says false to me and prachi remembered her promise which is given to reha. After that prachi says if iam in your place i can’t followed you. Ranbir says ok i will leave you. Prachi says from now our relationship is over. Prachi sit in the taxi along with saritha ji. Saritha ji asking to what happen. Prachi says nothing ranbir says jokes to me. Reha thinks about ranbir. At that time reha seen meera and went to her room. Alia seen reha, Reha comes to meera room and said to her i will speak with you. Meera say yes at that time alia comes to reha and said to her abhi wants speaks with you.

Meera asking to alia what happen. Alia leaves meera room and comes to where reha is. Once met reha asking to here what you think about abhi’s marriage and your a selfish. Reha says iam selfish and your bad sister. Alia angry on reha and try to beaten her. After that alia says at anycost abhi, meera marriage happens. Reha says at any cost dad’s marriage with my mom. Reha comes to meera and searchig for meera. At home pragya thinks about abhi. Later ranbir comes to prachi home along with jack and hide himself, searching for prachi.

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