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Kumkum Bhagya 10 November 2020 Written Update: Ranbir wear ring to prachi


Kumkum Bhagya 10 November 2020 Written Update Full Episode Hindi For Zee TV Serials. Just released the upcoming episode spoiler. Spoiler consists 42 seconds including big twists that is ranbir shown wedding to prachi and said to her this ring belongs to my family, who had this ring she becomes my ring. Also, ranbir said i can’t wait, asking to prachi let’s wear the ring.

Reha seen ranbir wear ring to the prachi and crying. Both abhi. pragya meets once again, abhi asking to pragya why did you do like this and angry on her. Pragya try to stops abhi when he his crying but abhi says don’t stop me and asking to her what you want from me.

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Today episode story


Prachi said sorry to ranbir if hurts you. Ranbir says don’t say like that and asking to seen my side, said to her i will given happiness to you but if you crying in front of me i feel pain in my heart. Also, ranbir says i love you prachi and i will do anything for you and said about wedding ring. Reha listen silently everything what ranbir, prachi speaks.

Other end abhi, pragya meets together, pragya stops abhi when crying. Abhi asking to pragya what you want from me. Pragya says nothing. Abhi asking to pragya do you love me or not. Reha comes to downstairs and remembered ranbir, prachi words. Pallavi seen reha, asking to reha please listen to me. Reha shouts on pallavi, pallavi asking to her what happen. Reha says ranbir wear wedding ring to prachi.

Alia listen reha words, says this is ridiculous pallavi. Reha says ranbir doesn’t love me. Pallavi says what ranbir wants, what prachi wants doesn’t matter because it’s not their decision and i will promise you if ranbir wedding happens it’s with you. Abhi asking to say yes or no. Pragya says i have answer and says i will leave this place. Abhi asking to pragya please given answer to my question. Pragya asking to abhi why you leave me. Abhi says i can’t let it go you. Sarala ji shouts pragya at abhi room, says no one in this room.

Abhi hugs pragya, Kumkum Bhagya title track played. At that time where pragya, abhi is their that room door opens, abhi close the door and sarala listen the door sound. After that sarala ji asking to pragya come outside. Then abhi says pragya not here. Sarala leaves the room and mithali comes to abhi room


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