Kumkum Bhagya 1 September 2020 Written Update: Pragya Reach Mehra Office

Kumkum Bhagya 1 September 2020 Written Update begins with Abhi discussing with lawyer regarding prachi bail. But lawyer says to get bail for prachi to very hard because stolen money from her house. Pragya reaches mehra office asking about mehra at reception. Receptionist says sir in urgent meeting, Sarita ji call to pragya asking to her please speak with mehra quietly because your in upset. Other end receptionist phone to mehra says someone meets you urgently. Abhi ask her who is it. Receptionist says she can’t tell her name but she need to talk with you.  Abhi says wait for few minutes if i can i will meet her. Pragya cut the call asking to receptionist. She said to pragya sir in urgent meeting please wait for few minutes. For complete premium episodes subscribe Zee5 Premium

Kumkum Bhagya 1 September 2020 Written Update

But pragya can’t listen what receptionist says and try to meet mehra. Later office employee went to abhi room informed to him prachi mother at hospital and she meets you. At that ranbir phone to abhi.

After that ranbir along with riya reach the house and ranbir help to riya when sit on the couch. Pallavi seen both ranbir and riya says don’t feel embarrassing. Ranbir says why we feel embarrassing. Then pallavi asking to ranbir your are at room but how you came from outside. Riya says we came from police station. Pallavi asking to ranbir you went to station to meet prachi. Ranbir says i went police station to meet prachi.

At that time aliya phone to riya asking about maya, riya drama. Riya says it’s done. Later aliya asking to riya please come to room sanju phone to me. Pallavi asking to ranbir dad know what you did & asking to vikram why did you tell me lie. After that pallavi informed to ranbir prachi’s relation with this house is over. So don’t meet prachi once again.

Kumkum Bhagya 1 September 2020 Ka Written Episode

Later ranbir went to his room and close doors. Pallavi ask please open the door but ranbir says to aryan i will seen sanju at police station. Other end pragya reach the mehra office room and riya meets aliya tell the complete story which is happen at police station

After that riya phone to sanju then sanju says thanks to riya to save her friends life. Later riya ask to sanju where did i bring money. Sanju says same place and riya tell him ok i will be their in home with 30 minutes. Finally pragya enters the abhi office room.

Other end prachi sit alone at police station think about ranbir. Pragya speaks with lawyer (Pragya think he his the owner). Lawyer says we work on that i,e how to help to her to get bail. But pragya says you sit her think about prachi, how you help to prachi. Lawyer says i am not mehra, he his not yet he just leave the office