Kudali Bhagya 3 September 2020 Written Update Hindi Full Episode 771

Kundali Bhagya 3 September 2020 Written Update begins with preeta. Preeta reached luthra house along with NGO Members. Karan asking to preeta who they are, Preeta introduced NGO members to luthra family.  Later karan asking to leave the home but preeta says i can’t leave the home. Then after NGO members asking to preeta who is your aunty.

Later preeta introduced complete luthra family and intraduced Rakhi as her aunty. Rakshi smiles but she said not her aunty.  At finally preeta introduced his husband karan but karan said preeta arora please leave this house. Preeta says my name is not preeta arora and said her name as preeta karan luthra. At that time karan mistakenly said he married to preeta two times.

Kundali Bhagya 3 September 2020 Written Update

At that NGO members listen what karan said, Asking to him finally you acceptted preeta arora is your wife so she stay in this house only other wise we file case on you. Other end prithvi explains what he did for karan and preeta while he his drunk. At that time Srishti see what prithvi said her mother, asking to prithvi how dare you to come my house when you drunk and speak with my mother and said preeta went to luthra house to stay their. Prithvi shocked when srishti said about preeta.

After that Karan said to NGO members you tell me how to behave with others and asking NGO members to must said to preeta how to behave with others and scolds preeta. At that she said i am certified doctor but he says i am not.

Later NGO member asking to karan in front me you scolding her. If we not here we think on you how to behave with preeta. For more Zee5 TV Serials Updates follow zeal study web portal