Kerala KAS Answer Key 22nd February 2020 Paper 1, 2 PDF

Kerala KAS Answer Key 22nd February 2020 For Paper 1, 2 PDF complete information available at Kerala Public Service Commission organize the Kerala Administrative Services Prelims Examination on February 22nd, 2020. Nearly four lakh applicants attended for examination. KAS 2020 held at 1,534 centers across the state. Paper 1 examination held in forenoon 10 AM. Second paper begins on 1.30 PM, Ends on 3.30 PM. for more details about Kerala PSC KAS Answer Key 2020 For Prelims follow Kerala Public Service Commission official website continuously.

Applicants any quires regarding Kerala KAS 2020 contact the following numbers i.e 944 644 5483, 0471 2546260, 0471 2546264.

Kerala KAS Answer Key February 22nd, 2020 (SET A, B, C, D) 

Question 1). Which kingdom had matriarchy in south india?

A). Pandya B). Chera C). Pallava D). Chola

Question 2). Which script was introduced in south india by ashoka?

A). Prakit B). Pali C). Brahmi D). Kharosthi

Question 3). Mark The Correct Statement

  • 1). Mughal rule began and ended at panipat
  • 2). Marathas were defeated in the third battle of panipat
  • 3). French rule began with panipat
  • 4). French power ended with panipat
  • A). 1 is correct B) 2 is correct C) Both 1 and 2 are correct D). None of the above

Question 4). Growth of vernacular literature in medieval india was the greatest contribution of

A). Vijayanagar Kingdom B). Bahmani Kingdom C). Bhakti Movement Saints D). Sultans of Delhi

Question 5). Mark the correct statement

1). Nizamuddin Auliya was the contemporary of Muhammad Tughluq 2). Tulsidas was influenced by shaikh salim chishti

A). 1 only B). Both 1 and 2 C). 2 only D). Neither 1 nor 2

Question 6). Which ruler of south india planted the tree of liberty

A). Tipu B). Haider Ali C). Prataparudra Deva D). Dost Muhammad

Question 7). Mahmad Gawan was the minister of

A). Bahmani kingdom B). Vijayanagar C). Bidar D). Berar

Question 9). Which ruler used marble in his buildings

A). Akbar B). Jahangir C). Shah Jahan D). Aurangzeb

Question 10). Who wrote the book “A” Nation in the Making

A). Sarojini Naidu B). Jawaharlal Nehru C). Abul Kalam Azad D). S.N Banerjee

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