Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 6 May 2022 Written Update For Episode 107

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 6 May 2022 Written Update for Episode 107 is gungun and other family members crying after completion of dr.ruddish’s last rituals. Pandit comes to gungun, given ashesh of riddesh, asking to her please immerse in to the river. Gangan holds her dad ashesh, walking towards the river, and finally step inside the river.

After that gungun immerse the ashesh and dip into the water. All the family members waiting for gungun returns from the river but she don’t come out. Golu and other family members think themselves why she can’t come out. Golu, Yug shouts, Garima crying. At that anubhav comes. To know what happen in Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se upcoming episode follow zeal study.

In last episode the Kulshreshths arrange the bridal bed for akriti and anubhav. Elsewhere, golu prepares gungun to perform dr. riddesh’s last rites. After that all the family members attend for riddesh last rites. To know Upcoming StarPlus, Zee, Colors TB Hindi episode spoiler alerts follow zeal study online web portal.

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 6 May 2022 Episode Story

Gungun crying and shouts i can’t leave you alone and i am come with you. Yug and other family members holds gungun and we are with you, anu promise you he with you. After that gungun completed her dad last rites, said how can i leave now. Golu said who comes to this world must be dead because it’s nature, Gungun crying.

Pandit comes to gungun and said with your hands immersing ashes into the river. Golu said don’t move close into the water and asking to yug to go with her. Suddenly someone call yug he returned upstairs. Anu come and asks to golu where is gungun. Golu said she went into the river to immerse ashes into the river. After that one of the family member asking to anu how did you do this and how you leave with akriti, gungun.

Gungun move deep into the river, Golu asking to anu if akriti know about this it’s very difficult. Anu said akriti know because she know i am sign on the papers as a husband. Anu said at home everyone know about it. Golu asking to anu how you handle the situation. Anu said i will create the problem so i will handle the problem but i want your helps.

Other side someone shouts gungun and asking to go to the water because gungun. Golu asking to you yug i am said to you go with gungun. Yug said pandit call me, Golu said it means gungun went alone and running towards the river. Anu j