Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 5 May 2022 Written Update: Akriti seen anu, gungun together

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 5 May 2022 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 105. In the last episode akriti learns at the hospital that gungun’s mysterious husband is anubhav. Later she confronts anubhav about it in front of family members. After that serial lovers try to know what happen in upcoming episode, looking for spoiler.

Spoiler for Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se today’s episode is anubhav again return to hospital to met gungun, finally reaching the hospital, try to speak with gungun. But can’t digest her father’s demise, said to anu everyone leaves me, even dad left me and you should leave me too. Anu asking to gungun please don’t cry.

But gungun asked to anu why do you keep coming back to me? i didn’t call you to come and help me you are married now why don’t you go to your wife and be happy with her?, why are you here?. Anubhav said you won’t understand. Gungun says you are quite intelligent, tell me why you here. Anu crying and hugs gungun. Akriti seen anu, gungun together in hospital room. To know what happen in today’s episode follow zeal study.

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 5 May 2022 Written Update

Akriti asking to anu why you sign on papers and the receptionist said you are gungun husband. Family members said because he his wedding dress that’s why they think he his gungun husband. Sunanda said anu can’t cheat anyone. Anu thinks himself why he done to gungun. At hospital golu and other family members met gungun. Yug speaking with gungun we start riddesh last rituals.

Gungun crying, doctor said gungun just understand. But gungun said i want my dad. Nurse comes to the doctor and said to him anubhav can’t taken bill papers. Golu asked the doctor what is the papers. Doctor said hospital bill papers because he pay the bills. Doctor informed to nurse handover the bills to golu because he his anubhav uncle.

Yug asking to golu what happen, why you are shocked. Golu said shocked to seen name in the form. Yug also seen the form and gets shocked. At home the kulshreshths arranges the bribal bed for akriti and anubhav. After that anu enter the home and went to sleep on the floor. Akriti said i am sorry what i am done today morning.

Also akriti said to anu don’t think about gungun because her husband take care herself and garima. Anu said i went to hospital, Akriti said why. Anu said riddesh is my relative and my responsibility is to attend his last ritual. Golu controls gungun and prepares her for performing Dr Riddesh’s last riots.

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